Friday, November 18, 2011

Stardome Trip

“ Could my day get any worst?” thinking in my head as I tramped up One Tree Hill. “I reckon that this trip would have to be the worst!!!” I couldn’t believe that some of the kids were even RUNNING up the mountain.

This was our term 4 trip. I thought we were meant to be going to STARDOME, not One Tree Hill. As our class room 14 were walking, there was an awesome view of Auckland. Finally we were at the summit. As well as the terrific view, there was also a piece of writing that had information about Maungakiekie(One Tree Hill).

Besides all that, my favourite part was the crater. I especially loved that we got to slide down the edges of it. I remember one time when me and my friend Porscha were on one really high side. As soon as she looked down she freaked out. It was so hilarious. I’m such a sad friend. Sadly the fun ended. The really funny thing was that I went to STARDOME with a brown bum.

Finishing off my lunch, we headed off to STARDOME. Walking in, I thought it was going to be BORING. But then, it was totally AWESOME. Our guide teacher Petra, showed us where to put our bags. Then lead us to a special room.

In the room there were lent back seats.We watched a movie about space. It was kind of cool. The only thing I liked was that we got to look up and the screen made us feel like we were moving. After that we looked around then headed off back to school.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guy Fawkes

Way back in 1605, 12 catholic men from England were so mad at James 1st that they wanted to blow the parliamentary especially a man named Guy Fawkes and kill the king. Getting hold of 36 barrels of gun powder, Guy stored them in the Britain's house of parliament. One man was kind enough to send a note to the people of parliamentary and told them to stay away from building. This note was passed on to the king and boy were they in deep trouble. As Guy was in the cellar going to blow it up, the authorities came and executed him. He was then hung, drawn and quartered. Tough luck for him. Watch this and try and picture it!!! Hope you enjoy.