Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic

Would you ever guess who the coolest principal in G.I. is? Well Mr Burt is because he was cool enough to take 600 CHILDREN to the beach. Well on Friday, the whole of Pt.England school went to the reserve for a picnic. Finding a spot at the beach, we set up our mat, dumped our bags and ran off.

“Hey Porscha, wanna get covered in sand?”, we called as we were on the beach.  “Ya” she called back. So we did. We covered her in sand and then made a mermaid tail at the bottom of her legs. Mrs Squires came over and said, “ Hey girls, who are you covering?” “Porscha” we answered.

    Mrs squires recomended us to take a picture. As we went to get a camera Porscha was not paying attention. Quickly we took off her hat, called her name then said cheese and the picture was taken. Straight away Porscha knew what we were doing so she tried to jump out. Quick take another. ‘click’ and the camera caught her.

     After covering Porscha, Neo came over and asked me to show him how to make a clay ball.Finishing off the clay ball, we had a competition to see who could throw the furthest. So as we threw them, plop the went as they hit the water.

    Eventually it came to the end and we had to go back to school and relax in class.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Self Symbols

Hi my name is Tyla-Marie and I am a year six at Pt.England School

This is a comic life created graphic that has symbols which show who I am. 
The top two symbols show that I love art and music.
The bottom two show a maori koru and a book. I chose these four symbols because I thought they best show who I am. Take a look and see if any of these represent you too.

To see my flickr page click here HERE!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cockroach Facts

- They are insects because it has 6 legs and 3 body parts
- Cockroaches are found to be the fastest insects ever
- They are also able live without a head for a week
- Imagine things as old as dinosaurs because cockroaches are
- Cockroaches can live without food for 3 MONTHS!!!
- Disgusting facts is they can have 150 babies in a year

My Vision Board

For the past couple of weeks Room17 has been working with Ms Muliaumasealii to create a vision board. We created another vision board on a piece of card board. They are now hanging on the walls for every one to see.
Ms Muliaumasealii asked us to create one on Tux Paint to post up on our blog. The words that are on the board are what I would like to achieve later in the year and what I thought best described me.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Here are some facts about cockroaches. Along with the facts are pictures. Watch my presentation to find out information about cockroaches. Hope you enjoy.

Monday Morning Introduction

I am learning to write an introduction that hooks my audience.
Here are 3 versions. Which Monday Morning introduction do you like best and why?

Slowly getting up I tell my brothers to shhhhh and leave me alone. I mean it’s really hard being the only girl and listening to boys every Monday morning. I wish that school started late so my brothers wouldn’t have to yell at me to get up early.

Waking up on Monday mornings is really boring. I get up early and wait for the wake up call. Waiting for about 20 minutes I finally hear it, so I got out  bed, dragged my self to the lounge and grabbed my uniform.

“GET UP TYLA GET UP TYLA IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL,!!!” my little brother was screaming. I was getting annoyed so I just got up and walked away. While he was eating breakfast I tried to sneak back to bed, but somehow he caught me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Me Poem

I like socks
But I don't like two-jams
I like mountains,
But I don’t climbing them

I like maths,
But I don’t like working out the problems

I like school work,
But I don’t like thinking

I like winter,
But I don’t like getting sick

I like oranges,
But I don’t like peeling them

I like dogs,
But I don’t like the smell of the poo

I like my bedroom,
But I don’t like cleaning it

I like diving in the pool,
But I don’t like it when my pants nearly slide off

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ruatapus Revenge

Last week our reading group the 'kiwis' were reading a story about Ruatapus revenge. These are pictures I drew that reflect from the story. The two pictures are about Ruatapu turning into a taniwha and paikeah riding a whale.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Steps to get LEGAL images on the Net

                         Steps to get LEGAL images on the net:

                               1: Type in keyword
                               2: Click on the word 'Images'

                               3: Go to advanced search

                               4: Go to the bottom and click 'labeled for reuse' then search image.

      The images that then appear are the ones you can use

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas Holiday Highlight

Playing my bop it game in the car I didn’t realize that we'ed pull up in front off the Okahu Park.  Joyfully hoping out of the car I waved to my nana and koro in the Urupa (Cemetery).

Running down the hill I saw my aunties, uncles and cousins sitting under the trees. “ Merry Christmas!!” we were saying to them as we ran down the hill . “Merry Christmas” they called back. As I sat down my cousins ask for a turn on my Bop it game.

Playing on Bop it they pas the highscore. All I could think of was beating it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun in Whakatane

I am having sooooooo much FUN down here in Whakatane with my family. Today my aunty and uncle took us for a tour around town.

     One of the favourite places we went to was the water fall. Not far from the water fall was a cave that maori people could live in. At the water fall my cousin, brother, aunty, mum and I climbed the rocks to get a better view of the water. I slowly dipped my feet in and straight away I pulled them out as fast as I could because it was freezing cold.  My mum found a rock that people oin  the olden days would of used as knives. When I mean olden days, I mean A.D.

Well after that we went to a beach in Ohope bay. The water there was so warm that you could have a nice bath in it. After we went to beach we went to the river just up the road from my aunty and uncles house. I was suprised because the river water was really clean. You would think it taste like sea water but it just taste like normal water kind of. Any way, one more day to go and maybe tomorrow will be even funner than today. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


At lunchtime, Ashlee and Jonita, my two best friends and I were walking around. We went from walking around to talking about our little brothers.