Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Introduction

I am learning to write an introduction that hooks my audience.
Here are 3 versions. Which Monday Morning introduction do you like best and why?

Slowly getting up I tell my brothers to shhhhh and leave me alone. I mean it’s really hard being the only girl and listening to boys every Monday morning. I wish that school started late so my brothers wouldn’t have to yell at me to get up early.

Waking up on Monday mornings is really boring. I get up early and wait for the wake up call. Waiting for about 20 minutes I finally hear it, so I got out  bed, dragged my self to the lounge and grabbed my uniform.

“GET UP TYLA GET UP TYLA IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL,!!!” my little brother was screaming. I was getting annoyed so I just got up and walked away. While he was eating breakfast I tried to sneak back to bed, but somehow he caught me.


  1. Hey Tyla, I really liked your first paragraph. I liked it because it was detailed and I'm the only girl in my family too!

    From Jonita

  2. Hey Tyla,
    I really liked your 1st paragraph because you have really interesting vocab .Oh and I know what your going threw because I'm the only girl too.
    Keep Up The Good Work !


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