Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As usual we had an immersion assembly to start the term off.  The only thing different was the topic.  This term the topic was OUTTA THIS WORLD. That's meant to mean OUTTA SPACE.  Looking around it didn’t look like it was. I was puzzled. To me the teachers looked like  ballet dancers and robots.

   To start the assembly off Mr Burt (our principal) told us a story about Maui and the sun. After, he announced, “ Lets give a round of applause for team 1!!!”

  Team 1’s item was a movie about them finding the sun, (just like the story Mr Burt told us.)  Watching the start I didn’t really get it. But I then realised when it got to the end. I’m not a fast thinker these days.  Over all it was a pretty funny movie.

My favourite team though was team 3. They also had a movie. Before the movie Mrs Barks showed the little kids what gravity is. She explained how there’s a force that pulls us to the ground. I reckon that the little kids were kind of confused. Finally it got to the end of her talking.

   In the movie, fascinating facts about astronauts were explained to us about how they eat and go to the toilet in space. Astronauts use a thing called Velcro so that there food doesn’t float around. Velcro helps things stick to the astronaut suit. The disgusting part was a man explaining how they toilet. Would you want to know how astronauts go toilet? I didn’t think so.

Full of disappointment, it all came to an end. I really think that this term is going to be awesome Time to start off the term with an awesome day.

Monday, October 17, 2011


   “Time for swimming, get your togs” Ms Squires was calling to the class.I t was time for swimming and I was so excited.

       Walking to the G.I. Pools, it was really cold. Half way there, I saw my mum drive past. She waved to me and I waved back.

        On entering the pool, I was no longer cold. While getting changed, I was kind of  nervous because I hadn’t swam in a long time.When I walked out, I had a quick shower.

        Jumping in the pool, my feet started to get cold because the water was cold. Getting more nervous it was my turn to swim. I hopped in the pool with a big splash.

        With a powerful kick, I was gliding gracefully under the water. Skimming along the bottom of the pool I felt like a mermaid. Rising to the surface, I started doing co-ordinated movements.

        As I started to get near the end, my perseverance and determination started drain. Jumping out of the pool, a shock of cold electrified my body. I went back to line up.

       After my next few swims, Mr Somerville (our swimming teacher) said “Ok, 5 minutes free time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saving Valentina

Hump back whales are known for their magical songs which travel distances through the great oceans of the world. These are either moans, cries, howls and other noises. Have you ever saved a whales life before. Well a man named Michael Fishbach saved one.On Valentines day 2011 Michael and his family had a rare opportunity to save a whales life.

Applying the seas of Cortez he came upon a whale that seemed to be dead. They were floating  for several minutes next to the whale but there were no signs of life. Suddenly the whale force fully exhaled.

Michael decided to dive in the water to solve the situation. He then noticed that the whale was really tangled in the gill net type used by fishermen. As he swam along side the whale, their eyes met but there were no words they could share. Michael wanted to let the whale know he was there to help. If I was him I wouldnt of done that because things like that are potentially dangerous.

It took some effort to stay focused giving great promotion of the moment. Despite this beautiful trapped and so close to death animal. Michael was scared because he knew that the whale was frightened and that one little panic movement could kill him.

The situation was bleak. It’s tail was tangled in SO MUCH gear, it was weighed down about 15 feet from the surface. Both pectoral fins were pined to the sides of the whales body. The whale then started to get frightened and fatigue. Luckily, Michael freed his dorsal fin.

  They found a little sharp knife that could cut through the net. After several of minutes maybe even an hour they got more bits free. Cutting frantically at the net they finally freed the whale.

As happy as a baby with candy, the whale swam off in joy. When at about a 50 feet away, he started breaching. He did about 40 breaches. This was a good sign. I had never seen a animal as happy as that.

Michael and his family then named the whale Valentina.