Thursday, June 2, 2011

Archimedes Inventions

Some scientist mathematicians in the ancient world were not as good as Archimedes. Who is Archimedes you are probably wondering? Archimedes is a man who invented many things in his ancient Greek days. People in the ancient world looked up to him as the master and the wise one. No-one forgot him in those days. Archimedes was the last mathematicians.

Archimedes was born at 287 B.C. in Syracuse Sicily. He interested in inventing from his dad Phidias. sometimes he so busy that he would forget to eat.

Archimedes invented a ship shaking device called the Claw. He invented it in 214 B.C.. The Claw was invented to ward off attacking Roman ships. The claw was made by 2 poles, a pulley system and a large hook.

His inventions are not like the inventions today. That is Archimedes and how he grew up.

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