Monday, June 18, 2012

Starry Starry Night Reflection

  As I sketch my outline of the painting ‘Starry Starry Night’,  I try to replicate the tree into the grid lines. Van Gogh has a unique type of painting he uses to create his art. Just Like him I’ve used broad brush strokes as I paint my picture.

  The swirling sky and shining moonlight has a interesting way of brush Strokes, which is why I tried to use the same style of painting. Taking my paint brush and dipping it in the paint I splat on my paper and mix it with the others. This will start to make a swirl.

   Splotching the yellow paint onto the paper I attempt to make stars. Big, small and medium splotches make up all 15 stars in the same spot on the real painting. Well not quite.

  The dark, calm village with the lights shining out of the houses are different on my painting compared to Van Goghs. Vincent Van Gogh is hard to compare your work to as he is an amazing artist(unlike me).

  Big and dark, the tree in the middle looks very similar to a flame. Attempting to paint inside the outline I drew, I didn’t care and did it with no concentration.

    Overall I think I did a very good detail job. Although there was no concentration put in the tree, I reckon it turned out alright.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marking Criteria

This is an effective paragraph criteria that I have created in google docs. I have to use this for my art critique writing.