Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Mascot

This term, my class were to create our own mascot that would be in the commonwealth games held in New Zealand. It had to have features that would signify it as a New Zealand based mascot.

  This is my mascot Ma Kapua. His name means white cloud because, New Zealand is the land of the long 'white cloud'. Ma Kapua looks like a tiki because tiki have been apart of New Zealand forever. The colours are the New Zealand Maori colours. Ma Kapuas head is white like the long white cloud, and the black and red and on the first New Zealand Flag that had maori and pakeha mixed together. That is what my mascot means and is.

My Life Ed Notes

In class, we were told to write an effective paragraph. Not about anything though. It had to be about what had recently been learning about in the Life-Ed Caravan. DRUGS.

 The most common crime committed this century is taking drugs. Whether it's smoking marijuana or sniffing cocaine, they are all whats called crimes. One of the most known drugs is Marijuana. The more informal names for marijuana are weed, pot, tinnies, herb and grass.  It is one of the gateway drugs and is a must not in all areas of the world.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Storyline Festival Info

Later this week, authors, (Catherine Mayo, Jill Macgregor, Juliette MacIver and Paula Green), will be talking about themselves and their couriers at the Storyline Festival in Manukau. They will also all be talking to us about literature and most probably giving us lectures about writing and what it takes to become an author.

 Juliette MacIver, author from Wellington, attended the Victoria University and got a diploma for english teaching and completed a degree in linguistics. Her writing courier offloaded after writing her first book ‘Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam.’ She has written four books and is now a professional author.

Jill MacGregor born in Dunedin has been a VSA teacher in Tonga and is now a School Journal writer. She has had a lot of experience in the pacific island and she has put her experience into her books.

Catherine Mayo, writter and musician has produce many books just like the other authors. She tends to write books suited for young adults/teens.

Paula Green, is a childrens writer and poet. She has written five collections of poet and was awarded the University of Auckland Fellowship in 2005.

 At the Storyline Festival, I will mostly be looking forward to listening to Catherine Mayo. Just because her books and type of writing looks and sounds like my style of writing.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Astria to Countdown

Today was the last day to finish Astria Countdown to Impact and it was fun. I got to finish finding the info and giving it in to the council. It was hard trying to please them but I got it in the end. We had to choose one source to try and stop the asteroid. I use the solar sail thrust to stop them and I got a score of 75%.

I really enjoyed the game and I would love to play it again some day.

Astria Countdown to Impact: Day Three

This was the last time Ana and I played and we had already found all the clues and right information we needed to hand to the council. We were having a little bit of confusion on what to do next so we didn't really know what to do with the information. I think my partner Ana and I missed a bit of information in the early stages but overall the game was quite good.

  I really enjoyed playing it and I would highly recommend it to others because it is challenging but fun  game at the same time. Unlike most games when you click on a button, it does it itself, you have to do things your way which I think is really cool. All in all the game was good. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact Trial

Today in extension, we had the greatest opportunity to try out a new game called 'Astria Countdown to Impact'. It was created by a man named Stephen Knightly from INGAME. We were trialling the game for people from AUT.

  The game was about you becoming an Alpha Leader and having to build a spaceship to go out and stop an Asteroid that was heading towards planet Astria.

  The game itself was really really cool. I enjoyed everything about it from the characters to the making your own ship and also the little information we had to find. But overall in the whole entire game, I really loved talking to the characters, (even though they had no voice).  Me and my partner pretended to be the other characters and that made me feel like I was in Astria which was pretty cool. The overall game is just amazing.

  It would soo beat the other games we play in class like mathwhizz and cool mathgames. It had some challenges that were really fun and I enjoy it a lot.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Athletes Point of View at The Commonwealth Games

Walking in the stadium, my heart beats out of time. I'm nervous and my stomach twists and turns like a washing machine. Readying myself, I look to the crowd. Botswana supporters yelling and chanting, with their flags chaotically waving in the air.

 With the other runners alongside me, we get ready in our lanes. “READY!!”, I here from a man on the sidetrack. Bending down, I do as he said. My bodies ready, my minds ready, and even my shoes are ready. “SET!!” . My minds racing my body…. Its going to fast for me to concentrate. The man pulls the trigger and the gun goes bang!!. Just like me. Off I was shooting through the track like a bullet from a pistol.

 My legs leap for a fast far start and my legs follow behind each other in a fast and steady pace. I look ahead and see everyone ahead of me. I couldn't believe how useless I was doing. Picking up the pace, and one by one I pass all the runners and get to the front. About twenty metres from the finish line, I sprint faster than ever and beat the world record.

 That was one of the best races in my life. Also one never to forget.