Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Athletes Point of View at The Commonwealth Games

Walking in the stadium, my heart beats out of time. I'm nervous and my stomach twists and turns like a washing machine. Readying myself, I look to the crowd. Botswana supporters yelling and chanting, with their flags chaotically waving in the air.

 With the other runners alongside me, we get ready in our lanes. “READY!!”, I here from a man on the sidetrack. Bending down, I do as he said. My bodies ready, my minds ready, and even my shoes are ready. “SET!!” . My minds racing my body…. Its going to fast for me to concentrate. The man pulls the trigger and the gun goes bang!!. Just like me. Off I was shooting through the track like a bullet from a pistol.

 My legs leap for a fast far start and my legs follow behind each other in a fast and steady pace. I look ahead and see everyone ahead of me. I couldn't believe how useless I was doing. Picking up the pace, and one by one I pass all the runners and get to the front. About twenty metres from the finish line, I sprint faster than ever and beat the world record.

 That was one of the best races in my life. Also one never to forget.

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