Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Case of 300 Girls Abducted

April 15th, President Goodluck Jonathan declared 300 girls abducted by Islamic extremist. Without knowing where they were taken to or whether they will live. Nigeria are trying their best to find the location of where the girls are.

 Within the past 6 weeks, 57 girls freed and there are 276 girls still being held hostage. The media has done a very good job of getting this news out, but although it has become world famous news that didn't prevent some of the girls from dying.

  Not all the girls were found because some of them were killed or died because of, asphyxiation, snake bites, starvation and torture. I feel for those who died and didn't get to say goodbye to their families.

 I think the media's input of the news made a huge effect on the situation. Just the support and care that went towards the 300 girls was a huge help. But although people knew, the popularity of this devastating news didn't help find the girls fast enough.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The differences Between New Zealand And Malawi

This is a presentation that shows the differences between Malawi and New Zealand.


Tyla ANZAC from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a little video that shows everything we have learnt last term. We learnt about our own beliefs and visual mihi then we moved onto learning about war. Watch the video to learn more about have we learnt.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Water Safety Skills

Over the years many children have drowned because they simply didn’t have the skill to swim. Which is why I am going to create an instructional tutorial including some things you will need to know during bad situations in the water.

Tip 1 (Floating) - When in and around water, everyone should or may I say MUST know how to float. The first thing that can help your body float is movement. When in the water, the best movement to use to stay buoyant is the classic doggy paddle. But that can run you low on energy so when you’re in the situation of trying to stay afloat but you are too tired, simply roll onto your back and stick your gluteus maximus as high as can go. That way your body will stay floating and you wont have to worry about drowning.

Tip 2 (Conditions and surroundings) - When swimming in the ocean there will always be the possibility of the weather changing, whirlpools beginning and potentially, shark surroundings. In the happenings of the weather changing, from sunny to stormy, the best thing to do is to evacuate the ocean in case the tide rips you away. And possibly drowns you like a murderer taking a hostage and putting them in a mincer. And second to last but not least, when a whirlpool begins and catches you the worst possible thing to do is to fight it because that will just tire you out and eventually you will drown.So in case of that matter, instead of fighting the whirlpool, you should swim around it and try and find an opening hole to safely swim out of.  

 To finish off this instructional tip advisor, we are going to talk about the situation of a shark surrounding you. First of all DO NOT PANIC. To safely escape the shark, swim away as calm as possible that way the shark will not notice you and you will get out of the beach alive.

This was a little explanation on how to survive in and around water.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Definition of Inference

Inference was a word I wasn't familiar with until now. I now know that Inference means a conclusion summed up by evidence or reasoning. For example, "We were driving down the road and the window wipers were swishing back and forth, almost as fast as the car", so a person can infer from that, that it is rainy.