Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween - EXT

This is a list of things I witness that are associated with Halloween.

Evil characters
Tricking and treating

This is a picture of the pictionary game we played describing some words from the origin of Halloween.

I think halloween is about celebrating the creation of evil characters and pretending to be like them. I also think its about going around your neighbourhood and saying trick or treat to get heaps of lollies and food. I am going to determine what Halloween is really about.

The origin of trick or treating started by going around asking for soul cakes. After receiving cakes people would go and pray for the souls in purgatory in return of the soul cakes. Purgatory comes from a catholic term. It is a place between heaven and hell. The prays would wish to send the souls out of purgatory to heaven.

People also use to pour roman milk on the catholic graves to stop them from rising and roaming. Roman milk would block the way through permeable. This would happen on May 13. It is called Lemuria.  

May 13th was christianised and changed from Lemuria to All Saints Day. The christianised way was such a success they decided to move it to November 1st. The day before the 1st was Samhain. All Saints day was moved to the first to suck the life out of the Samhain Festival because the catholics thought the Samhain's were pagon. Now it was November 1st known as All Saints Day. This again got changed to All Hallows Day. Samhain was the day before All Hallows day. So as the evening before All Hallows day, Samhain was changed to All Hallows Evening. Once again The name of All Hallows evening was shortened to All hallows Even then to Halloween. 

Jack-o-laterns. Where did they come from?? Jack is a guy who was sent to hell. In hell he was soo bad not even the devil wanted him, so the devil sent Jack out of hell with a flicker of light in a lantern. Once when the devil went to see Jack, Jack played a trick on the devil and nailed him to a wall. The devil begged for release. Jack said "only if you let me live as long as like on earth." Stupidly, the devil accepted the bet. Now people say if you see a flickering light over a swampy area dont go to it because it is Jack.

This is only one of original stories of Halloween.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Mihi

E te mauri mai tāwhiti
To the souls which come from afar

E te whare, te papa, te kainga noho tēnā koutou
The community building, people of the community, greetings

Ki ngā anahera, kua rere hei taki, hei tuara mo te hunga ora, haere
To our dearly departed, who continue to direct us, we acknowledge you

Ki a tātou, he mihi nui
To the living, greetings

Ko Maungakiekie te maunga
To the great mountain Maungakiekie, the ancestral mountain

Ko Waitemata te moana
To the waters of Waitemata, the ancestral waters

Ko Ukutoia te papa
To the land in which I stand Orakei, the area in which we dwell

Tēnā koutou
Greetings to you all

Ko John tōku pāpā, nō Cook Islands ia
John is my dad, he is from Cook Islands

Ko Safron tōku māmā, nō Ngatiwhatua ia
Safron is my mum, she is from Ngatiwhatua

Ko Tyla-Marie tōku ingoa
My name is Tyla-Marie

Ko Glen Innes tōku kainga noho
I live in  Glen Innes

Tekau mā rua ōku tau
I am 12 years old

Nōreira, e ngā manuhiri tuārangi, ngā tauira, kaiako, kaumātua, he mihi nui, he mihi aroha
So therefore, to our distinguished guests, students, teachers, elders, a warm and heartfelt greeting

Anei he kōrero a te kura, “Whaiā kia eke”
Here is our school’s motto, to illustrate our intentions, to strive to succeed

Nōreira tēnā koutou katoa

So therefore, greetings one and all

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Different Celebrations of Halloween

Halloween is a day people all over the world celebrate. It is now celebrated by dressing up in costume and walking around the neighbourhood saying trick or treat, hoping for a reply of lollies. The original way of celebrating Halloween was by wearing costumes and walking around a bonfire. This was meant to ward off ghosts and spirits.

There are 2 ways of celebrating Halloween. It really depended what country you were in.

Romans and druids believed that the god, Samhain, summoned wicked witches and souls and condemned them into animals. People though that the animals, would harm then so they sacrificed something to the god, so they would not be harmed. They day of the sacrifice was October 31st.

The second way of celebrating was in England and spread throughout America and Austria. Halloween first started in the eighth century. Pope Gregory III, designated November the 1st for the day to acknowledge all saints and martyrs. It was called all saints day.

Through out the years, English changed and the name All Saints Day was converted to All Hallows Eve and later on, changed to Halloween. The date was also moved to October 31st.