Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Megahealthfoodeleporter 2000

The world is under a blanket of pollution. This is no place for me to be staying and I need to go to another planet. I shall go to mars. Mars has similarities to earth and I could live on it. But not for a very long time.

On mars there is no food which is why I have invented an invention.It is called the Megahealthfoodeleporter 10,000.  My invention would teleport  food from earth to mars. It would cut, clean and cook the food so that all I have to do is eat. But what if earth runs out of food? That is when the scrapfoodmakeanator comes in. It turns all of my scraps into food. That way I will never go hungry. I wish that mars was like earth where you can just go to the dairy up the road.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In The Future

Room 14 have been making up stories about what will happen in the future.  In my head I thought about 2450. I started to think the the world would be under a blanket of pollution. We then had to decide what planet to go and live on. I decided to go to mars.  Watch my animation and see what happens on mars.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Netbook Reflection

We are so lucky to be able to use netbooks instead of paper and pencil. All kids from year 5 and up now own them. We are writing a reflection of our netbooks.

I really like that we are able to install fun and sensible games. The games are really fun and get my brain confused. We are so lucky because we are allowed to take our netbooks home in the weekend, weeknights and Its really awesome because it is so easy to write with. Also when we make mistakes all we have to do is press ‘Backspace’. Its a mean lean educational machine.

I really dislike that we always have to wait for everything to load. Also when my brother always brags me to let him play. When I do I hate it when the teacher always tells us to work on the same thing for tons of days.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Our Extension group have been learning about the elections. We had to choose a party and learn about it. I chose to learn about Labour. They are the longest running party . They also have really good polices.

Labour has been the winning party for many years. Unfortunately National took the winning place and labour lost.

We had an opportunity to choose if we would like to make up our own party or stick to the local ones. I decided to make my own.

My party is called BRO LAND. This parties saying is "Less schools and more grass." This way kids can enjoy the nature that god gave us. Don't forget to vote for Tyla-Marie in BRO LAND.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Stardome Trip

“ Could my day get any worst?” thinking in my head as I tramped up One Tree Hill. “I reckon that this trip would have to be the worst!!!” I couldn’t believe that some of the kids were even RUNNING up the mountain.

This was our term 4 trip. I thought we were meant to be going to STARDOME, not One Tree Hill. As our class room 14 were walking, there was an awesome view of Auckland. Finally we were at the summit. As well as the terrific view, there was also a piece of writing that had information about Maungakiekie(One Tree Hill).

Besides all that, my favourite part was the crater. I especially loved that we got to slide down the edges of it. I remember one time when me and my friend Porscha were on one really high side. As soon as she looked down she freaked out. It was so hilarious. I’m such a sad friend. Sadly the fun ended. The really funny thing was that I went to STARDOME with a brown bum.

Finishing off my lunch, we headed off to STARDOME. Walking in, I thought it was going to be BORING. But then, it was totally AWESOME. Our guide teacher Petra, showed us where to put our bags. Then lead us to a special room.

In the room there were lent back seats.We watched a movie about space. It was kind of cool. The only thing I liked was that we got to look up and the screen made us feel like we were moving. After that we looked around then headed off back to school.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guy Fawkes

Way back in 1605, 12 catholic men from England were so mad at James 1st that they wanted to blow the parliamentary especially a man named Guy Fawkes and kill the king. Getting hold of 36 barrels of gun powder, Guy stored them in the Britain's house of parliament. One man was kind enough to send a note to the people of parliamentary and told them to stay away from building. This note was passed on to the king and boy were they in deep trouble. As Guy was in the cellar going to blow it up, the authorities came and executed him. He was then hung, drawn and quartered. Tough luck for him. Watch this and try and picture it!!! Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As usual we had an immersion assembly to start the term off.  The only thing different was the topic.  This term the topic was OUTTA THIS WORLD. That's meant to mean OUTTA SPACE.  Looking around it didn’t look like it was. I was puzzled. To me the teachers looked like  ballet dancers and robots.

   To start the assembly off Mr Burt (our principal) told us a story about Maui and the sun. After, he announced, “ Lets give a round of applause for team 1!!!”

  Team 1’s item was a movie about them finding the sun, (just like the story Mr Burt told us.)  Watching the start I didn’t really get it. But I then realised when it got to the end. I’m not a fast thinker these days.  Over all it was a pretty funny movie.

My favourite team though was team 3. They also had a movie. Before the movie Mrs Barks showed the little kids what gravity is. She explained how there’s a force that pulls us to the ground. I reckon that the little kids were kind of confused. Finally it got to the end of her talking.

   In the movie, fascinating facts about astronauts were explained to us about how they eat and go to the toilet in space. Astronauts use a thing called Velcro so that there food doesn’t float around. Velcro helps things stick to the astronaut suit. The disgusting part was a man explaining how they toilet. Would you want to know how astronauts go toilet? I didn’t think so.

Full of disappointment, it all came to an end. I really think that this term is going to be awesome Time to start off the term with an awesome day.

Monday, October 17, 2011


   “Time for swimming, get your togs” Ms Squires was calling to the class.I t was time for swimming and I was so excited.

       Walking to the G.I. Pools, it was really cold. Half way there, I saw my mum drive past. She waved to me and I waved back.

        On entering the pool, I was no longer cold. While getting changed, I was kind of  nervous because I hadn’t swam in a long time.When I walked out, I had a quick shower.

        Jumping in the pool, my feet started to get cold because the water was cold. Getting more nervous it was my turn to swim. I hopped in the pool with a big splash.

        With a powerful kick, I was gliding gracefully under the water. Skimming along the bottom of the pool I felt like a mermaid. Rising to the surface, I started doing co-ordinated movements.

        As I started to get near the end, my perseverance and determination started drain. Jumping out of the pool, a shock of cold electrified my body. I went back to line up.

       After my next few swims, Mr Somerville (our swimming teacher) said “Ok, 5 minutes free time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Saving Valentina

Hump back whales are known for their magical songs which travel distances through the great oceans of the world. These are either moans, cries, howls and other noises. Have you ever saved a whales life before. Well a man named Michael Fishbach saved one.On Valentines day 2011 Michael and his family had a rare opportunity to save a whales life.

Applying the seas of Cortez he came upon a whale that seemed to be dead. They were floating  for several minutes next to the whale but there were no signs of life. Suddenly the whale force fully exhaled.

Michael decided to dive in the water to solve the situation. He then noticed that the whale was really tangled in the gill net type used by fishermen. As he swam along side the whale, their eyes met but there were no words they could share. Michael wanted to let the whale know he was there to help. If I was him I wouldnt of done that because things like that are potentially dangerous.

It took some effort to stay focused giving great promotion of the moment. Despite this beautiful trapped and so close to death animal. Michael was scared because he knew that the whale was frightened and that one little panic movement could kill him.

The situation was bleak. It’s tail was tangled in SO MUCH gear, it was weighed down about 15 feet from the surface. Both pectoral fins were pined to the sides of the whales body. The whale then started to get frightened and fatigue. Luckily, Michael freed his dorsal fin.

  They found a little sharp knife that could cut through the net. After several of minutes maybe even an hour they got more bits free. Cutting frantically at the net they finally freed the whale.

As happy as a baby with candy, the whale swam off in joy. When at about a 50 feet away, he started breaching. He did about 40 breaches. This was a good sign. I had never seen a animal as happy as that.

Michael and his family then named the whale Valentina.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duffy Books

 I am so happy that the Bucklands Beach Lions club are genirous enough to give us these taonga. I would like to thank them for giving them to us. Every year all the classes get to choose 1 or if they're lucky 2. The books I chose this year were Goose Bumbs HorrorLand and Pancake Attack. I really love to read these books. Do you like reading?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 Kilometer Torture

Waiting for Mr Burt to say go, I was getting so nervous even though my friend and I weren’t running. My friend and I were sitting down watching every one line up.

“GO” shouted Mr Burt. Off went the 5 yr old boys. At the top of my voice I was screaming “GO BOBBY-JON GO.” He looked like a little green cheetah running across the field.

As the ages kept on getting higher and higher we saw team 4 walking down to the reserve to run the 2 kilometer race. I thought they were trying to torture us but of course they were not. Why would they. Our teachers aren’t that mean are they?

Running to the play ground we were trying to find our friends. As we got up on the rock wall we tried to get a better view. We couldn't see them so we didn’t bother. So then we ran to the end of the field to try and get a closer look. But still no sight of our friends.

We were hoping that at least one of our friends were going to come 1st 2nd or 3rd. Sadly none of them did, but that’s okay. As everyone started coming to the finish line, Jonita and I were encouraging them to finish the race.

At the end of the day every one was a winner. Well at least nearly every one.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Year 6 Girls and Tyla

For the past week, our extension group has been looking at water around the world. When I say around the world I mean East Timor and Africa. We created a movie of what goes on in your body. We learnt about what happens to a healthy body and an unhealthy body.

The group I was in was with Litia, Brooklyn, Vivienne, Chante and me. We made this little movie so we know what happens with your digestive system.

If I was to rate our group out of 10 I would give us an 8. I give us an 8 because it wasn't perfect but it was pretty good and had a little humor in it. What would you give us?

The bit of the movie is not a very nice looking part but I was cool with it. Even though I had to to the person going to the toilet I still enjoyed creating it.

So sit back relax and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Since BOTH of our movies did NOT win in the I AM Making Movies 2 this year, we decided to try again in a different movie making competition in Tauranga! Witness the AWESOME movie EVER!!!(We did all of this by ourselves!!!) Hope you enjoy!!!

Where The Rugby Ball Originally Came From

Have you ever wondered where a rugby-ball originally came from? Well its a pretty disgusting story. A rugby ball originally came from a pigs bladder.A.K.A WHERE PIGS PEE FROM.

How do they use a pigs bladder as a rugby ball your asking. Well, people in the 1800’s use to cut it, out wash it, then blow it up. The disgusting was that they blew it up with their mouths. Is that yuk or what. That is like so unhygienic.

sometimes they blew it up with a smoking pipe. That way they didn’t have to put their mouths on that really unhygienic thing.

Today we don’t use those disgusting things,we use man made rubber. At least its hygienic not like the 1800’s balls.
Turning up late to school, I was wondering what the topic for this term was. As soon as I sat down in the hall I asked the boys sitting next to me, Calvin and Jacob, if the Immersion Assembly had just started. “Yes”, they replied. The whole school was there (except the year 7’s and 8’s) to find what the topic for the term was.

Mr Burt announced that we are learning about the RUGBY WORLD CUP (or in other words it was called) Keep Your Eye On The Ball. Every term on the first day our teachers in each year put on an act. This terms funniest team was team3. Their act was the BOMB!!! (Not literally!)

Their one was classic. It was like a game. The aim of the game was to finish your bowl of Weet-Bix without your hands. Teachers had to find a partner in the audience to help them eat it . The way they helped them was, they stood behind them, took a hold of the spoon and had to aim it to their mouth. The first one to finish was the winner.

Of-course you called tell that Miss Lavakula was going to cheat . When it finished the last team finished their act we went back to class to start the first day of term 3 awesomely

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep our Eyes On The Ball

Turning up late to school I was wondering what the topic is for this term. Sitting down in the hall I asked the boys sitting next to me Calvin and Jacob if it just started, “Yes”, they replied. The whole school was there except the year 7’s and 8’s.

We are learning about the RUGBY WORLD CUP (or in other words it was called) Keep Your Eye On The Ball. Every term on the first day our teachers in each year put on an act. This Terms funniest team was team3. Their act was the BOMB!!! (Not literally!)

There one was classic. It was like a game. The aim of the game was to finish your bowl of Weet-Bix with out your hands. Teachers had to find a partner in the audience to help them eat it . The way they helped them was, they stood behind them took held of the spoon and had to aim it to their mouth. The first one to finish was the winner.

Of-course you called tell that Miss Lavakula was going to cheat. When it finished the last team finished their act we went back to class to start the first day of term 3 awesomely.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie Making Competition Entry

Since BOTH of our movies did NOT win in the I AM Making Movies 2 this year, we decided to try again in a different movie making competition in Tauranga! Witness the AWESOME movie EVER!!!(We did all of this by ourselves!!!) Hope you enjoy!!!

The Stanley Steamer from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Poem All About Me

Sibling of two annoying brothers Kaiden and John-Amour
Lover of Manderines
Who Fears big dogs
Who gives money to world vision/40 Hour Famine
Who would like to see a bear
Resident of Glen Innes

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Am Making Movies 2 Entry

Here is a movie created by Kaycee, Jonita,Calvin and me with the help of our extension teacher and some year six's to give us some tips. This movie was an entry for the I am Making Movies 2 competition. The movie is about three kids who were meant to go to kapa haka practice but they go to the musem instead. When they go the musem they learn more about there culture. Hope you enjoy our movie.

Past Connections from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Archimedes Inventions

Some scientist mathematicians in the ancient world were not as good as Archimedes. Who is Archimedes you are probably wondering? Archimedes is a man who invented many things in his ancient Greek days. People in the ancient world looked up to him as the master and the wise one. No-one forgot him in those days. Archimedes was the last mathematicians.

Archimedes was born at 287 B.C. in Syracuse Sicily. He interested in inventing from his dad Phidias. sometimes he so busy that he would forget to eat.

Archimedes invented a ship shaking device called the Claw. He invented it in 214 B.C.. The Claw was invented to ward off attacking Roman ships. The claw was made by 2 poles, a pulley system and a large hook.

His inventions are not like the inventions today. That is Archimedes and how he grew up.

Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour Famine At school

(This is from my friend Porscha and me who were experiencing this.)

Tonight is the night of the 20 hour famine. The 20 hour famine is to help us realise what children from East Timor are going through. We are also doing a fundraiser so the kids in East Timor can get some food.

I'm giving up talking and food. My friend Porscha is giving up food. Some of the kids are doing it as well. To fundraise ,we get a 20 hour famine booklet where you ask your family to sponsor you.

The only things that we can eat are Barley sugar and drink just juice. The most favorite thing is that we get to stay up until 11:30

How to Survive In The Water

In order to be able to survive in water, you have to know how to do co-ordinated movements and have the ability to float. Firstly your arms have to be straight and move with steady strokes. A key tip is to keep your fingers together and scoop your hands through the water. Secondly is to kick powerfully to get some speed. To have the ability to float, you to keep your stomach up and lie straight while doing your co-ordinated movements. Those are the main steps for surviving in the water.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Invented Chewing-Gum?

Have you ever wondered who invented chewing-gum?
Well a man called Adam smith was working with rubber in his factory. He had a little lump of chicle.Chicle comes from the sap of a rubbery gum tree. He decided to pop it in his mouth.He chewed it and chewed it but it still stayed

Suddenly Adam came up with a bright idea to heat it up and add a mint flavor to it. He called it chewing gum.

In 1872,he started to sell it in a small factory.He tried to get shop keepers to sell it but they refused.Since they didn't sell it, a company called Tuttie Fruity sold it in slot machines.You can now buy it at rail ways.

Thats who made chewing gum and how it was invented.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Biggest Easter Egg Hunt Ever

“Easter egg hunt,Easter egg hunt”,Sifa was calling to everyone. Here’s your clue and your team.”You guys are the red team and you’re the blue,”the adults were saying to the kids. My Dad’s family were having an Easter egg hunt which started at our Auntie Sifa and Auntie Amiria’s house.

Our team captain Mina got our first clue which took us to our first egg. Looking for the egg we were all panicking because the other team already had theirs and we were still looking for our one. My cousin Byron was just standing there because he didn’t want to tell anyone that he had eaten it until Mina asked him. He ended up crying.

Moving on to our next clue we were even more panicked because we couldn't find the second Easter egg either, or the third.Finally we found 1 one in a planter box.
”What does the clue say?” Mina asked excitedly
“It says you will find your next egg at 28 Holland Ave” one the teenagers sighed. They were puffed out.

Sprinting to the next egg I could hardly breathe. “Where’s the egg?” everyone was saying.
”They took it, that's the same with all the other eggs” Mina answered.

“Come-on guy’s we’re nearly finished, just 1 more egg. Look it’s over there!!!”one of the big boys exclaimed. Reading the next clue, Mina straight away thought she had it. The clue said we had to bow down to Mina’s dad but we bowed down to her Mum by mistake because she didn’t read the whole clue.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Yay,it's time to perform!!!"It's the time for our final glee performance.Nervously walking behind the stage I kept on getting`more nervous.
Waiting on the on the wings of the stage everyone was giving each other hugs for good luck.While our Glee teacher Miss M was telling the whole school what the performance was going to be about. 2 minutes later We got in our position on the stage. In the center of the ,Chante was dancing like a ballerina and on the sides Miss M and Awhina were doing a karanga. As the music kept on going on everybody else started doing there part of the performance.
My group was called the reading group,the next group was a P.E.N.N group then rugby, netball and cultural group.This part of the performance was the drama. All of the groups were dancing on that one stage. It wasn't too squashy.

Time for the fun bit. Lepa was introducing glee, as he came on to the stage "Introducing senior glee....and junior glee."This feels so embarrassing"thinking in my head while dancing.Finally it was finished.

I hope I'll get the opportunity again to be in another thing like this.

This is a little video of the performance.Enjoy the movie.

Glee Performance from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My Profile

Friday, April 8, 2011

Skating At Skateland

Entering the skating rink I was kind of nervous because I haven’t skated in like three years!! As I stepped into the rink it felt like I was going to slip because the floor was too smooth. “I’m a bird”,I kept on saying to myself.

”Whooooa!!!” Who was that? UILI!!!!!”I yelled while all most falling over. Gliding around the rink I saw my uncle Myke. Swerving quickly to help other people, he made me scared because I thought he would fall on me. I’m not joking about that.

I fell on one elbow and was screaming in pain. You couldn't see any tears coming out of my eyes although it was really saw. Moving unsteadily, I pulled my self off the ground and slowly clutched on to the side of the rink. Resting on the seats,I looked at my elbow. All I could see was a big bump.

“If you want to race,come line up”,I heard the man say.Not caring about my elbow I clipped my skates back up and rolled over to the racing line.Lining up my elbow was more sore than before. That didn’t bother me.”On your marks get set and go!!!whoahh”I was coming last but then I caught up to Jonita she fell over . Now I’m past Jaylee . I’m coming 3rd place, thats only because the rest of the girls fell.

I decided to stay in the rink.”wow I’m going really fast”(NOT EVEN) “you got 20 more minutes girls so make the most of”said Mr Marks.By the time we left my elbow was a little better .

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

These are a few paragraph's that Tyla and Jorja made up about the hydroslide at swimarama.

Camp At Swimarama Pool's On The Hydroslide

"Lets go see if it's our turn on the hydroslide," I said. "Your just in time girls","Yas!!" We went to line up.

Nervously waiting in the humongous line of the Hydro-slide, I couldn’t wait to jump in.. I was getting more nervous as I waited because my jaws were shivering for nothing. Finally my turn came and I was standing there for green light so I could go.

Zooming down the pitch black hydro-slide water was splashing in my face. As going down, I was spinning around and around. At last I was at the bottom and then lined up again once more.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Picnic

Excitedly waiting in the hall chatting to my friends about the picnic got me into trouble.The picnic is when he whole school goes down to Point.England reserve and have plenty of fun stuff like Playing on the beach,having sack race's,dance or even just relax.

While traveling over ,me an d my two friends lost our teacher.Luckily my friends dad was there.When we got there nearly everyone sat down and started eating.It looked like everyone was really starving.My friends said,"lets go and walk around."

Later on in the day the girls and the boys had a competition at sack racing.I was getting board so I started to dance.Everyone saw me so they started to dance as well.Boys were getting jealous so they had a dance battle with us.I reckon that only me and rocky were going hard out.

"Y.M.C.A.",people were singing.I heard so I started to dance again.Teachers were filming me so I stopped.

"Lets go calm down now",My friend said."karaoke's on", my friend said so we watched a little bit.By the time we left it was finished.Lucky,we left at the right time.

"Back to school",I sighed.Everyone looked like they could hardly stand on there feet.The next day I couldn't.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquakes Strike Again in Christchurch

Devastating news has been confirmed that Christchurch suffered from another bad earthquake.

Although the earthquake measured 6.3 magnitude, the damages were worse than before.The last earthquake was deeper down in the ground but this one was shallower and that’s what caused most of the damage. Since September Christchurch has been having little after shocks until this big one .

I feel so sad and sorry for the kids in Christchurch who have had to suffer through this kind of stuff.Especially for the people who have lost their loved ones and homes. May luck and hope be with them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Friends

These are my friends Jonita and Jorja.At school we always hang out together.Sometimes we even go and check on our little cousins together.We reckon that well stick together for the rest of our lives.I have one other friend that's been in my class's since I started school her name is Ashlee.I reckon that we're all the best friends ever!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Holiday

Waitangi day is an exciting day for most Maoris. It's also an exciting day for my family as well.

My family, my aunty's family and my uncles family came with us as well. My uncles daughters asked if I wanted to go with them to walk around, so I did. The girls names are Harley
Jordyn, Alex and Krystal.

While we were walking around we saw my cousins Richie and Josh.They were with their friend Kora.They were going to the wharf.They asked if we wanted to go.The girls said yup.

When we got there I needed to go to the toilet,but there were no toilets so I jumped off the wharf and went. One of my cousins needed to go so she jumped in with me.

When we got back I got in trouble because I wasn't meant to jump.So did my cousin Krystal

My Acrostic Poem about Jonita

This another acrostic poem about my friend Jonita.

J oyfull and funny

O is for o-some

Nice and kind

I s good at singing

T alented at dancing

A lways has a great attitude

My Acrostic Poem

This is my acrostic poem about my self

Takes charge of herself

Yes, I'm also brainy

Loves to sing and dance

Amazing at netball

Mostly good at athletics

Always is responsible

Running is my thing

Is always active

Excellent at swimming and reading