Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour Famine At school

(This is from my friend Porscha and me who were experiencing this.)

Tonight is the night of the 20 hour famine. The 20 hour famine is to help us realise what children from East Timor are going through. We are also doing a fundraiser so the kids in East Timor can get some food.

I'm giving up talking and food. My friend Porscha is giving up food. Some of the kids are doing it as well. To fundraise ,we get a 20 hour famine booklet where you ask your family to sponsor you.

The only things that we can eat are Barley sugar and drink just juice. The most favorite thing is that we get to stay up until 11:30

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  1. Hi Tyla,

    Wow Tyla I could tell that you were very excited with your friends about 20 hour famine team. I wonder what team did you go for? You also need to have simple and complex.


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