Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Biggest Easter Egg Hunt Ever

“Easter egg hunt,Easter egg hunt”,Sifa was calling to everyone. Here’s your clue and your team.”You guys are the red team and you’re the blue,”the adults were saying to the kids. My Dad’s family were having an Easter egg hunt which started at our Auntie Sifa and Auntie Amiria’s house.

Our team captain Mina got our first clue which took us to our first egg. Looking for the egg we were all panicking because the other team already had theirs and we were still looking for our one. My cousin Byron was just standing there because he didn’t want to tell anyone that he had eaten it until Mina asked him. He ended up crying.

Moving on to our next clue we were even more panicked because we couldn't find the second Easter egg either, or the third.Finally we found 1 one in a planter box.
”What does the clue say?” Mina asked excitedly
“It says you will find your next egg at 28 Holland Ave” one the teenagers sighed. They were puffed out.

Sprinting to the next egg I could hardly breathe. “Where’s the egg?” everyone was saying.
”They took it, that's the same with all the other eggs” Mina answered.

“Come-on guy’s we’re nearly finished, just 1 more egg. Look it’s over there!!!”one of the big boys exclaimed. Reading the next clue, Mina straight away thought she had it. The clue said we had to bow down to Mina’s dad but we bowed down to her Mum by mistake because she didn’t read the whole clue.

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