Monday, June 30, 2014

Smart Footprint

This is  a little movie my friends and I created about being cyber smart. It teaches kids how to be safe and sensible online in a cool creative way. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 23, 2014

BAR Key House Transformation

These are two houses that were transformed using the BAR key. The BAR key is apart of 20 other thinkers keys. The extension group had to draw a house then rotate around the computers and let others change it using the bar key. B in the bar key stands for bigger to make big or enlarge something. A stands for add and R for Replace. 

This is the original house I created that got transformed to the below picture. 

This is the transformed picture using the BAR keys. The thing somebody made Bigger was the chimney so it could release more smoke and santa could fit. The thing that got added was the colour violet which was the Replaced with the plain bricks because someone thought that the different colours were weird. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Present: Chapter 13 Screenplay

Short land Street Material : The Present Screenplay from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a little screenplay put together by Lisia, Kaycee and I. It is from a chapter in a book we have recently read called "The Present". It is about a girl named Julie and her mother having an argument about Julies dog. The night before this argument happened, Julies dog, (Rudy), bit Julies mother because he thought she was going to hit Julie. Julie gets angry at her mother and runs out after their argument.

Sound Task Presentation

This is a presentation that shows my understanding of my sound.

4 Things to Remember about a Smart Footprint

1. Be careful with what you search. People can always track your IP address, even if you delete your cookies and history.
2. You never know when someone's watching!
3. Be original. Do your own thing.
4. If it's not kind, always keep it in your mind.

Writing Sample Term 2 : The Travelling Whisper

This is a Test Sample Writing, written in 40 minutes. It is about rumours and them spreading around. Its a lesson to be leanrt that spreading rumours are not good.

Two best friends Tisha and Taanie were planning to steal a green ball from school. Their arch enemies Kara and Kisha (also best friends) heard about their plan. And knowing those two, once they hear something, the whole intermediate hears it.

“Hey have you heard about Tisha and Taanie, apparently they’re planning to steal a green ball from school”, whispered Kara. Kisha replied, “ I heard, Jonty was telling the girls and I yesterday”. Ear to ear the whisper travelled, leaving a question in everybody's head, “Is it true?”. Everybody’s ears including the teachers.

 Without realising, Kisha and Kara spread news to the whole intermediate of Pt.London School. What they didn't get was that the news they were spreading wasn't theirs. They started to wonder, how was spreading somebody else's news was benefiting them. Then they realised. It wasn't.

 So determined to stop the whisper from travelling to the principals ears they went and told everyone that the whisper was a lie. It was too late, and straight to the Mr Kurtis they went.

Mr Kurtis (The Principal of St.London School), told the girls that travelling whispers aren't good and should never be sent on a trip. The two girls Kisha and Kara agreed and promised never to send a traveling whisper again.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Scientific Method

This is a presentation that shows my understanding of the scientific method. I hope this explains what the scientific method is.