Monday, December 8, 2014

My Tattoo

This is a presentation about a tattoo design I have made. We were given the task of designing or creating a tattoo or ornament of some sort to show our family ourselves and our culture. I present my Tattoo 'Ko Whanau toku Taonga'.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Extension Learning Update - Understanding of the 'Tatau'

For the past couple of weeks, our year 7&8 extension group have been studying about symbolism and the understandings of motifs. We also have learnt a lot about the traditional Samoan ‘Tatau/Pe’a’.

 Not so long ago, we had the wonderful Mr Telea come into class and show us his very own Tatau. He gave us a very detailed and good understanding about it. He also told us what it meant. Mr Telea mentioned that if his Tatau was to be unravelled and put onto a piece of paper, it would look like a big bat. I was surprised when he told us that little bit of information.

And now, we have been assigned to creating our own significant tattoo or piece of art that includes our family, and culture. I am almost finished a tattoo design that has my family, my cultures and me all in one. I hope to finish it with great passion and love so maybe one day I can get it on me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Camp Reflection

This camp was so amazing and I didn't want to leave. It was at Marsden Bay up north. All of the year 8 students of Pt.England school attended this camp.

 We spent four days at Marsden Bay camp in Ruakaka. Over all of the days, we did many amazing activities. Such as, kayaking, archery, roasting marshmallows, cooking eggs in an orange, completed a concourse (Confident Course) etc.

 Among those activities, we had inside games, movie nights, and group competitions. I couldn't believe at how much fun we had when doing our inside games. But my favourite game of all was sock’off. Man that was one aggressive game.

 Most inside games were played on the second night of camp. That was the movie night. We watched “Here comes the boom”, and boy what a crack up movie that was. I enjoyed it alot, just like I did the rest of camp.

 My favourite night at camp was the last night. We had a  lovely dinner followed by a lovely camp fire with lovely singing from all of the camp groups. I favourited it because it brought everyone that little bit closer to eachother. It was just everyone sitting next to one another and enjoying it instead of moaning and complaining because they were different. It brought a peace to the group that I had never seen before.

 And that peace bond carried on through to the last day of camp. What a good day that was. We packed up camp and heading down to Waiwera for our final stop before going back to school.

 After spending a couple of hours at Waiwera, we headed back to school. That camp would have had to be my most memorable one. Not only because it was my last one at Pt.England but I got to spend it with my closest friends. A camp never to forget.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Different start to the term

Day one of term 4 was a big change. Walking through the school gates, I for some reason felt like our class had changed… Again.

Assembly had finished, and I was going to class. Turning in through the doors, I see two classes in one space. A space that looked like a classroom.

And as soon as I knew it, we were all working together as one class. Class 5 and my class (class one), had been merged together and put into one. It was weird when we started off. Working with 30 other kids in one class. But I got use to it.

 Its a different way to start and end my term 4 intermediate days.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Walking to the starting line, I felt nervous and worried. Not quite sure why, but I was. Feeling frustrated, I start to think, “Have I practise hard enough for this?”. GO!!, and my feet  run away from the start line. “Lets just jog and preserve our energy”, my friends and i agreed.

 While I was running, I could tell I was really unfit. As hopeful as I was, I said to my friend, “Lets try and jog the whole way aye”. My calf muscles were tightening and I started yelling in pain!

 Teary eyed, I kept going with my head held high. In sight, I see Mrs Nua and my friend Mele walking back. “Tyla are you alright?”, Mrs nua asked. I replied faintly with a yes hoping she wouldn’t see my tears. Both Mrs Nua and Mele keep walking while my friend Lisia and I finish the lap.

 It had to be the most annoying cross country ever. Only because my muscles were playing up.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Self Management Task: Reflection

After finishing our self managing task, we were to finish it off properly with a reflection. I personally think we did an outstanding job. As part of our self management task, we were given the task to make a movie sending out a good strong message. Marking my self out of 10, based on self management, I’d give myself a 8 out of 10. Simply based on my acting that I contributed, I helped plan and stood by and observed the process of editing. But although I worked hard, there were times where I did muck around a little and got caught up in the moment when I was MJ.  In terms of managing our selves, we did an outstanding job. We stuck to the criteria and outstanding MTV in the time given, great lip syncing and awesome editing! I loved it, but mostly impressed by your ability to manage yourselves


Me. A girl of leadership, honesty, many talents and much happiness. All of what I have learnt at Pt.England School. Soon, I will be leaving Pt.England for secondary school, which I am very afraid of. Although I've learnt alot at my school, I still feel there is much more I need to learn before I take off.

  Secondary school seems so BIG. The learning, students, subject, all seem big. I cant get over the thought that in 15 weeks, I will be finished intermediate and off to college. Choosing ONE college of many was probably one of the most frustrating and challenging decisions ever.

  I had to think about what I would want to determine and what school would help me do that. Performing Arts is what I desire, so that would've had to be first on the 'This school needs' list. There was a variety of schools to choose from, and for a couple of weeks, I was having trouble choosing between two schools. Selwyn College, (Which my brother goes to), and Auckland Girls Grammar School.

  Selwyn College had all of what I wanted in a school, and I new quite a lot of students from that school. But AGGS, (Auckland Girls Grammar School), had all of what I wanted in a school, plus a maori unit. A maori unit is like a mentor class but instead of learning everything mainstream, you learn i te reo maori. Meaning if I go there, I will most probably be getting taught in maori instead of english, along side the normal subjects taken in college.

  As I am so passionate about my culture and eager to learn more about it, I decided to apply for AGGS. I still have to go in for my interview, which will happen tomorrow. As nervous as always, I feel like if I be me and relax, I will get it. Fingers crossed for me.... :D