Monday, November 24, 2014

Extension Learning Update - Understanding of the 'Tatau'

For the past couple of weeks, our year 7&8 extension group have been studying about symbolism and the understandings of motifs. We also have learnt a lot about the traditional Samoan ‘Tatau/Pe’a’.

 Not so long ago, we had the wonderful Mr Telea come into class and show us his very own Tatau. He gave us a very detailed and good understanding about it. He also told us what it meant. Mr Telea mentioned that if his Tatau was to be unravelled and put onto a piece of paper, it would look like a big bat. I was surprised when he told us that little bit of information.

And now, we have been assigned to creating our own significant tattoo or piece of art that includes our family, and culture. I am almost finished a tattoo design that has my family, my cultures and me all in one. I hope to finish it with great passion and love so maybe one day I can get it on me.

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