Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Highlight of te wiki

I had been waiting for days and it had finally started. Kapa Haka after school. I love kapa haka which is why I couldn't wait for it to start.

  It was Friday after school and kapaz had started. Before we started we kicked the after noon off with a karakia and himene like you normally would do before starting anything in maori. "amene", singing with the strums of Miss T's guitar.

   Miss T and my mum were the first people to start this kapa haka off. They wanted to start this because they thought it would be tino!! So with the help from Mr G, they started a kapa haka group up.

  When Mr G arrived, I was so excited. He taught us a waiata he had created previously while drinking his coffee he said. He taught it to us and in about half an hour we had the kupu and tune. Now all we had to do was memorize it. So we did and this is what it sounds like. Introducing te waiata Hoea Ra.