Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Robin Kahukiwas Piece of art

      Robin Kahukiwa is a New Zealand Artist who paints lots of different maori legends. This was an activity we had to do in extension. first we had to found out heaps about Robin. Then we had to copy one of her paintings on Hyperstudio. Compared to Robins painting my version looks nothing like it. Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, November 26, 2012


After a long hike up the biggest mountain I've ever seen, I was so glad to see water. But then again not. Why? Because it made me need to do some personal business.

 The last few minutes of lunch time had come to an end. Luckily we were going back to the camp-site to have dinner. But the other downside was hiking all the way back up and down the mountain. As the track came to an end without getting changed or putting my water shoes on I ran straight to the wharf.

 “Tasi, lua, tolu, fa, yeah buddy”, my sister,(my best friend Nita) and I chanted as we jumped. Up the stairs and off the wharf, went me and Nita like about more than twenty times. Our time had finished and it was time for dinner. Without a doubt I was straight to the shower.

 thinking about the next day while having my dinner, I just couldn't wait to have dessert. What a tiring but fun day to start camp.

Monday, November 19, 2012

1 More sleep till Camp!

I'm so excited that we only have one more night till camp. The only bummer is we have to be at school at SEVEN O'CLOCK!!!

   An hour and a half on the bus, and thirty minutes on the ferry means we'll have to wait 2 hours until were arrive. I can't wait that long. Wish there were a faster way to get there.

   All the different activities like, Ab-seiling, Kayaking, Convidence course and MORE. One of the most nervracking activity will be the Burma Trail because your blindfolded and have to rely on your partner. Also you might step on something or hurt someone. But other than that I reckon it will be the best camp ever.

   A big challenge for me will be surviving with no internet, phone, or radio. I mean I have to be able to talk to other people than school mates. But besides that I'll survive.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

On a hot summer day

My family and I go away

Diving in the swimming pool

That water keeps me cool

With a cool fizzy drink in my hand

We listen to the music played by the band

A wonderful day a camp

It was time to eat

The grass may be damp

But a burger was such a nice treat

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Flax

Mrs harper moved in to the next door neighbour and wanted to move the flax bush. Freya and her mum didn't want her to move it.

 After school, Freya made a present to try and persuade mrs harper to not move the bush. Terry (Mr Harper), loved watching the tuis eat from the flax bush.

  Instead of taking the bush away the moved it to the back of Mr and Mrs Harpers backyard

One of the Best Birthdays Ever!!

Waking up to the sound of rain, I was hoping it would clear up. “Man!, every time I have my birthday in Hamilton, it always rains in the morning”, I complain to my little cousin. Concentrating on the game, he didn't realise. “Happy Birthday” my aunty Karol mutters out after just waking up. Then my uncle Manuel woke up after a long night of PS2. “Morning”, we say to each other.

  Up and ready to go we make our way to the bus stop. Splitting up my uncle and cousin go to town while my aunty and I go and get some clothes for me.(At my aunties house). “Aahh that's better, now I feel awake”, I sigh.
   Meeting Uncle Manuel and Rawiri in town at time-zone, straight away I ask for money to play the games. “Die, die, die!!!”, I scream to the skeletons in the boat. Sadly we didn't win anything but this was what I was waiting for. TIME TO GO ICE SKATING!!!

Of course my advance skills for ice skating had faded but that didn't mean I couldn't have fun. And it definitely didn't stop my aunty. Slipping our skates on we were beyond the rink. Sadly my aunty fell face first into the ground and got wet.

Of course my uncle would love to be on TV so when the central news came we has skating all over them.(Not literally). When the left so did we. Straight to the butter chicken went my aunty and I.

  Scooping up all the sauce, we were soon on our way home. “Thanks for the awesome birthday, Aunty and uncle. And that was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. Thanks to my Aunty Karol and Uncle Manuel.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Curiosity Beyond

After a hot Summer day, my friends and I were passing by the Pt.England Dairy.  Strangely enough, a person wandering around the shops look unusually casual, perhaps too casual. Entering the shops, I had a suspicious feeling that, the strange person was following Lisia, Jonita and I. What was going on?

  The suspense grew as we ate our lollies. Turning around, the strange man pretended to look as if he was apart of a family behind us. “ Girls on three, start to run okay”, I whispered to them. “But why” they replied, “Just do it!”.

   “ Three ”, and we started running. With exhaustion, we ran through the traffic of teenagers finishing college. Not even noticing, one of us had gone away. As Jonita and I turn back, we saw that weird man with Lisia. “Sia”, we scream as we sprint to get her. A pink car pulls up looking like his getaway car. luckily Jonita and I got there in time and snatched Lisia off that psycho guy. Checking if Lisia was all right she had a knife cut on her arm.

Rushing Sia to the hospital, to checked up, we were determined to find out what that strange man wanted from us.