Monday, November 19, 2012

1 More sleep till Camp!

I'm so excited that we only have one more night till camp. The only bummer is we have to be at school at SEVEN O'CLOCK!!!

   An hour and a half on the bus, and thirty minutes on the ferry means we'll have to wait 2 hours until were arrive. I can't wait that long. Wish there were a faster way to get there.

   All the different activities like, Ab-seiling, Kayaking, Convidence course and MORE. One of the most nervracking activity will be the Burma Trail because your blindfolded and have to rely on your partner. Also you might step on something or hurt someone. But other than that I reckon it will be the best camp ever.

   A big challenge for me will be surviving with no internet, phone, or radio. I mean I have to be able to talk to other people than school mates. But besides that I'll survive.


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