Thursday, November 1, 2012

Curiosity Beyond

After a hot Summer day, my friends and I were passing by the Pt.England Dairy.  Strangely enough, a person wandering around the shops look unusually casual, perhaps too casual. Entering the shops, I had a suspicious feeling that, the strange person was following Lisia, Jonita and I. What was going on?

  The suspense grew as we ate our lollies. Turning around, the strange man pretended to look as if he was apart of a family behind us. “ Girls on three, start to run okay”, I whispered to them. “But why” they replied, “Just do it!”.

   “ Three ”, and we started running. With exhaustion, we ran through the traffic of teenagers finishing college. Not even noticing, one of us had gone away. As Jonita and I turn back, we saw that weird man with Lisia. “Sia”, we scream as we sprint to get her. A pink car pulls up looking like his getaway car. luckily Jonita and I got there in time and snatched Lisia off that psycho guy. Checking if Lisia was all right she had a knife cut on her arm.

Rushing Sia to the hospital, to checked up, we were determined to find out what that strange man wanted from us.



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