Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One of the Best Birthdays Ever!!

Waking up to the sound of rain, I was hoping it would clear up. “Man!, every time I have my birthday in Hamilton, it always rains in the morning”, I complain to my little cousin. Concentrating on the game, he didn't realise. “Happy Birthday” my aunty Karol mutters out after just waking up. Then my uncle Manuel woke up after a long night of PS2. “Morning”, we say to each other.

  Up and ready to go we make our way to the bus stop. Splitting up my uncle and cousin go to town while my aunty and I go and get some clothes for me.(At my aunties house). “Aahh that's better, now I feel awake”, I sigh.
   Meeting Uncle Manuel and Rawiri in town at time-zone, straight away I ask for money to play the games. “Die, die, die!!!”, I scream to the skeletons in the boat. Sadly we didn't win anything but this was what I was waiting for. TIME TO GO ICE SKATING!!!

Of course my advance skills for ice skating had faded but that didn't mean I couldn't have fun. And it definitely didn't stop my aunty. Slipping our skates on we were beyond the rink. Sadly my aunty fell face first into the ground and got wet.

Of course my uncle would love to be on TV so when the central news came we has skating all over them.(Not literally). When the left so did we. Straight to the butter chicken went my aunty and I.

  Scooping up all the sauce, we were soon on our way home. “Thanks for the awesome birthday, Aunty and uncle. And that was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. Thanks to my Aunty Karol and Uncle Manuel.

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