Friday, March 30, 2012


  This a movie I produced using imovie and garageband. I made it about a Point.England korero. Watch it to find out what one it is. Hope you enjoy my movie.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Haiku About Mrs Telea

Rock Our World is a global project that involves over thirty schools around the world. This project was al created by a lady call Carol McGuire. A part of Rock Our World, we have been learning about poetry and Haikus. A haiku has 5 syllables in 1 sentence, 7 in the other and 5 in the last sentence which means it has 3 senences. Our Extension group had our first go at writing a haiku. Here is my Haiku about Mrs Telea's face.

Big bushy eyebrows
with juju and luscious lips
is Ms Telea

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Presenting at MIT

Year 6 Ambassadors Presenting at MIT from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

   This is a video I produced to show what we did at MIT. MIT stands for Manakau Institute of Technology. We presented in front of about 20-25 teacher trainees. We had a ton of fun and out of it we got a big block of chocolate. Watch the video to see how it went.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Reflection


   I’m so tired from going on our year 5&6 camp this year. I reckon I’m tired form having fun mostly. Our camp group was called  ‘ True Crew’. We  all seemed to get along together pretty fast.

    When I heard about roller - blading and ping pong it was definite that I was going to enjoy that. As soon as I saw the skates  I just wanted to slip them on and zoom off. Sadly, my partner and I had to play ping pong first. It was alright, but I reckon I would’ve had more fun on the roller blades.

 Camp was really funny but the funniest part was when Levi was dancing on the stage like a jelly man. That got every one in laughter.

The day after the concert the whole camp went to Swimarama for the last day. We didn't have much time in the water because someone from the school did a accident in the pool.

You know what, I didn't really care because at least we had fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Future File

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

This is a pencil. People use to use these to write with on a piece of paper. When using a pencil, you hold between your fingers and place the carbon bit on the paper. You can do many things with this like wiggle it between your fingers, draw pictures and write stories. As you can see there is a rubber. The rubber rubs out mistakes and can make your work as good as new as long as you don't press the carbon to hard.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Yeah It's Almost Camp!!

 I can't believe that in two days our year 5&6 camp starts! I'm really looking forward to the TOP TEAM CHALLENGE. I reckon it'll be the best event because Ms Garden told us a little secret about it.

 I'm a little anxious about the activity Get lost.It's kind of like amazing race but we don't go in cars or on buses. Oh and its only gonna be around school.

 My goal is to help our team co-operate together so when we challenge in activities we can help each other.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weird Start To a Friday Morning

   Waking up annoyed, I just realized that it was the last day of school for the week. That changed my mood from annoyed to excited. Getting ready I knocked my knee on the corner. Than again my mood changed.

   Hopping in the car, my knee started to feel a bit better. As we drove on the road, we hit a bump. "Sorry kids" my mum called. Hoping that we were nearly there the car stopped. "Thank goodness" my little brother gasped. Quickly escaping the car we all yelled together,"Bye mum." "Bye kids" she replied. And that was a really funny start to the morning.

Usual Thursdays

Another normal day, Thursday. Every Thursday morning is normal, except in the mornings we have a different teacher for about 1 hour. Our different teacher is VERY interested in art. Her name is Ms Muliaumasealii. She helps kids with art and sometimes lets us draw pictures on our netbooks.

   In the afternoons some of us go to Extension. Extension is where kids go to learn beyond the expected. Our teacher for that class is Mrs Tele`a. She is one of the best teachers in the school. Other than that, it’s pretty normal.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Wednesday Mornings

Wednesday mornings are different from other days. They're different because for the past couple of weeks we have been doing cricket in the morning. It was quit short for my liking, but I didn’t mind.

  Sometimes we go to I.C.T, but this week we couldn’t because our test have been holding us up. Fortunately we were lucky because it wasn’t us testing it was the others kids. I know it sounds funny that we have cricket and I.C.T all in the same morning but we don’t mind.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tuesday Morning

“Oi, get up, we’re gonna be late for school” I snapped at my brother. “Shhh e, go wake John-Amour up instead” Kaiden moaned. “He already is” I argued.  We kept on arguing and eventually he listened and got up. Finally he was ready and we drove to school.

   Jumping out of the car, I was excited because there’s extension. Oh wait there’s a test today so that means we only get half a day of extension . Man that’s poo. Walking into class, I felt a little bummed because one of friends were away too. Or that’s what I thought. I found out that she was just at the office for a pretty long time.

A Day in The Life Of a Year 6 Student, ME

Every Monday morning I wake up feeling annoyed because all I here is two annoying boys shouting, “GET UP TYLA”, and them shaking me in my bed. Telling them to get lost , I get up and wash my face. As I throw on my uniform I walk to the kitchen and make self some breakfast. I look in the mirror and my hair looks like a mop. So I tidied it up, put my shoes on, packed my lunch and got in the car. Driving to school I see some of my friends walking.

    “Bye mum” my brothers and I called. Walking into class I hung my bag up and started to talk to my friends. “Brrring” went the bell. Another day in the life of a year 6 student, ME.