Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Reflection


   I’m so tired from going on our year 5&6 camp this year. I reckon I’m tired form having fun mostly. Our camp group was called  ‘ True Crew’. We  all seemed to get along together pretty fast.

    When I heard about roller - blading and ping pong it was definite that I was going to enjoy that. As soon as I saw the skates  I just wanted to slip them on and zoom off. Sadly, my partner and I had to play ping pong first. It was alright, but I reckon I would’ve had more fun on the roller blades.

 Camp was really funny but the funniest part was when Levi was dancing on the stage like a jelly man. That got every one in laughter.

The day after the concert the whole camp went to Swimarama for the last day. We didn't have much time in the water because someone from the school did a accident in the pool.

You know what, I didn't really care because at least we had fun.

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