Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquakes Strike Again in Christchurch

Devastating news has been confirmed that Christchurch suffered from another bad earthquake.

Although the earthquake measured 6.3 magnitude, the damages were worse than before.The last earthquake was deeper down in the ground but this one was shallower and that’s what caused most of the damage. Since September Christchurch has been having little after shocks until this big one .

I feel so sad and sorry for the kids in Christchurch who have had to suffer through this kind of stuff.Especially for the people who have lost their loved ones and homes. May luck and hope be with them.


  1. Hi Tyla-Marie!

    My name is Brandon and I am a college student at The University of South Alabama in Alabama, USA. I am studying Music Education to become a choir director for high school or college. I am in a class this year called EDM310 where we learn about technology for the classroom, and I have been assigned to read your blog and comment!

    Your blog is great! I love that you have designed your background to fit your personality! It is nice to see a blog that isn't just plain white and black!

    This blog post caught my eye though! Earthquakes are scary things! My best friend lives in Santiago, Chile and last year they had horrible earthquakes. I flew down to be with her right when they started to happen! Here in Alabama, we do not have earthquakes... just hurricanes! So when I felt an earthquake for the first time, I was scared!

    You did a great job writing about what happened in Christchurch! It is very professionally written! Maybe next time you write something like this, insert a link to a news article that people like me who aren't from New Zealand can read! But again, great job Tyla-Marie!

    You can view my blog if you would like too! The address for it is:

  2. Hi Tyla, I continue to be so proud of you and the effort you put into your writing! Very informative, and the personal thoughts at the end made for a nice conclusion. Well done!

  3. Hi Tyler, I am really sad because of your sad story about the earthquake. That was the best story I ever heard.

  4. Hi Tyler, I am really sad because of your sad story about the earthquake. That was the best story I ever heard.

  5. Hi Tyla very useful words like devastated and confirmed and many more keep up the good work.



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