Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Acrostic Poem

This is my acrostic poem about my self

Takes charge of herself

Yes, I'm also brainy

Loves to sing and dance

Amazing at netball

Mostly good at athletics

Always is responsible

Running is my thing

Is always active

Excellent at swimming and reading


  1. Hi Tyla!

    Wow,I love your acrostic poem about yourself!All of the things that you wrote in your poem are true but except you are good doing athletics!!I've seen you compete you know!Anyways,keep up the good work and you are really good at writing acrostic poems!

    From Jonita

  2. Hi Tyla
    That was a great poem about yourself!I agree that everything you said was true.You are so athletic!You are so good at sports.Keep up the great work

    From Kaycee


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