Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Holiday

Waitangi day is an exciting day for most Maoris. It's also an exciting day for my family as well.

My family, my aunty's family and my uncles family came with us as well. My uncles daughters asked if I wanted to go with them to walk around, so I did. The girls names are Harley
Jordyn, Alex and Krystal.

While we were walking around we saw my cousins Richie and Josh.They were with their friend Kora.They were going to the wharf.They asked if we wanted to go.The girls said yup.

When we got there I needed to go to the toilet,but there were no toilets so I jumped off the wharf and went. One of my cousins needed to go so she jumped in with me.

When we got back I got in trouble because I wasn't meant to jump.So did my cousin Krystal


  1. Hi Tyla i like your work and i think its just good

  2. Hi Tyla

    I really like your work you done. I wish i was there. Perhaps you could use more interesting words and check your spelling.


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