Monday, December 8, 2014

My Tattoo

This is a presentation about a tattoo design I have made. We were given the task of designing or creating a tattoo or ornament of some sort to show our family ourselves and our culture. I present my Tattoo 'Ko Whanau toku Taonga'.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Extension Learning Update - Understanding of the 'Tatau'

For the past couple of weeks, our year 7&8 extension group have been studying about symbolism and the understandings of motifs. We also have learnt a lot about the traditional Samoan ‘Tatau/Pe’a’.

 Not so long ago, we had the wonderful Mr Telea come into class and show us his very own Tatau. He gave us a very detailed and good understanding about it. He also told us what it meant. Mr Telea mentioned that if his Tatau was to be unravelled and put onto a piece of paper, it would look like a big bat. I was surprised when he told us that little bit of information.

And now, we have been assigned to creating our own significant tattoo or piece of art that includes our family, and culture. I am almost finished a tattoo design that has my family, my cultures and me all in one. I hope to finish it with great passion and love so maybe one day I can get it on me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Camp Reflection

This camp was so amazing and I didn't want to leave. It was at Marsden Bay up north. All of the year 8 students of Pt.England school attended this camp.

 We spent four days at Marsden Bay camp in Ruakaka. Over all of the days, we did many amazing activities. Such as, kayaking, archery, roasting marshmallows, cooking eggs in an orange, completed a concourse (Confident Course) etc.

 Among those activities, we had inside games, movie nights, and group competitions. I couldn't believe at how much fun we had when doing our inside games. But my favourite game of all was sock’off. Man that was one aggressive game.

 Most inside games were played on the second night of camp. That was the movie night. We watched “Here comes the boom”, and boy what a crack up movie that was. I enjoyed it alot, just like I did the rest of camp.

 My favourite night at camp was the last night. We had a  lovely dinner followed by a lovely camp fire with lovely singing from all of the camp groups. I favourited it because it brought everyone that little bit closer to eachother. It was just everyone sitting next to one another and enjoying it instead of moaning and complaining because they were different. It brought a peace to the group that I had never seen before.

 And that peace bond carried on through to the last day of camp. What a good day that was. We packed up camp and heading down to Waiwera for our final stop before going back to school.

 After spending a couple of hours at Waiwera, we headed back to school. That camp would have had to be my most memorable one. Not only because it was my last one at Pt.England but I got to spend it with my closest friends. A camp never to forget.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Different start to the term

Day one of term 4 was a big change. Walking through the school gates, I for some reason felt like our class had changed… Again.

Assembly had finished, and I was going to class. Turning in through the doors, I see two classes in one space. A space that looked like a classroom.

And as soon as I knew it, we were all working together as one class. Class 5 and my class (class one), had been merged together and put into one. It was weird when we started off. Working with 30 other kids in one class. But I got use to it.

 Its a different way to start and end my term 4 intermediate days.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Walking to the starting line, I felt nervous and worried. Not quite sure why, but I was. Feeling frustrated, I start to think, “Have I practise hard enough for this?”. GO!!, and my feet  run away from the start line. “Lets just jog and preserve our energy”, my friends and i agreed.

 While I was running, I could tell I was really unfit. As hopeful as I was, I said to my friend, “Lets try and jog the whole way aye”. My calf muscles were tightening and I started yelling in pain!

 Teary eyed, I kept going with my head held high. In sight, I see Mrs Nua and my friend Mele walking back. “Tyla are you alright?”, Mrs nua asked. I replied faintly with a yes hoping she wouldn’t see my tears. Both Mrs Nua and Mele keep walking while my friend Lisia and I finish the lap.

 It had to be the most annoying cross country ever. Only because my muscles were playing up.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Self Management Task: Reflection

After finishing our self managing task, we were to finish it off properly with a reflection. I personally think we did an outstanding job. As part of our self management task, we were given the task to make a movie sending out a good strong message. Marking my self out of 10, based on self management, I’d give myself a 8 out of 10. Simply based on my acting that I contributed, I helped plan and stood by and observed the process of editing. But although I worked hard, there were times where I did muck around a little and got caught up in the moment when I was MJ.  In terms of managing our selves, we did an outstanding job. We stuck to the criteria and outstanding MTV in the time given, great lip syncing and awesome editing! I loved it, but mostly impressed by your ability to manage yourselves


Me. A girl of leadership, honesty, many talents and much happiness. All of what I have learnt at Pt.England School. Soon, I will be leaving Pt.England for secondary school, which I am very afraid of. Although I've learnt alot at my school, I still feel there is much more I need to learn before I take off.

  Secondary school seems so BIG. The learning, students, subject, all seem big. I cant get over the thought that in 15 weeks, I will be finished intermediate and off to college. Choosing ONE college of many was probably one of the most frustrating and challenging decisions ever.

  I had to think about what I would want to determine and what school would help me do that. Performing Arts is what I desire, so that would've had to be first on the 'This school needs' list. There was a variety of schools to choose from, and for a couple of weeks, I was having trouble choosing between two schools. Selwyn College, (Which my brother goes to), and Auckland Girls Grammar School.

  Selwyn College had all of what I wanted in a school, and I new quite a lot of students from that school. But AGGS, (Auckland Girls Grammar School), had all of what I wanted in a school, plus a maori unit. A maori unit is like a mentor class but instead of learning everything mainstream, you learn i te reo maori. Meaning if I go there, I will most probably be getting taught in maori instead of english, along side the normal subjects taken in college.

  As I am so passionate about my culture and eager to learn more about it, I decided to apply for AGGS. I still have to go in for my interview, which will happen tomorrow. As nervous as always, I feel like if I be me and relax, I will get it. Fingers crossed for me.... :D

Friday, September 12, 2014

Self Management Task

They Don't Really Care About US! from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

In my class, we are learning about self management. We were given a task to see if we were good at self managing ourselves.

This is a movie created by my friends and I. We were given a time to complete this task to see if we could self manage our selves well. If I was to mark our group on how well we selfmanaged ourselves, I would give us a 9 out of 10.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dandy Shandy Presentation

Dandy Shandy is a game that is something like ‘Dodgeball’ and ‘Piggy In The Middle’ combined. This is played mainly but children but is most popular with the younger girls in Jamaica. It is one of the more popular games in Jamaica.

Storyline Tours: Reflection

What a week I had last week, traveling out to Manukau to listen to authors speak at the Storyline Tours. There were four authors, but out off all of them, my favourite authors were, Juliette McIver and Paula Green. I enjoyed these two because of their interaction with the audience.

  The way they presented themselves on stage was funny, creative and enjoyable. Their story telling was what I enjoyed the most.

  The two authors gave good advice and criticism on how to become an amazing writer. I wouldn't say they gave me inspiration to become an author but they gave me inspiration to write in my own style of writing.

  What I would've done different though was either make a song with my story or act out a story. I reckon that would've made it really fun and interesting. Thats what made last years Storyline tour interesting.

  Overall, I really enjoyed all of the authors and the way they told us their stories. A note to the authors would be  keep doing what your doing, because what your doing is great.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Mascot

This term, my class were to create our own mascot that would be in the commonwealth games held in New Zealand. It had to have features that would signify it as a New Zealand based mascot.

  This is my mascot Ma Kapua. His name means white cloud because, New Zealand is the land of the long 'white cloud'. Ma Kapua looks like a tiki because tiki have been apart of New Zealand forever. The colours are the New Zealand Maori colours. Ma Kapuas head is white like the long white cloud, and the black and red and on the first New Zealand Flag that had maori and pakeha mixed together. That is what my mascot means and is.

My Life Ed Notes

In class, we were told to write an effective paragraph. Not about anything though. It had to be about what had recently been learning about in the Life-Ed Caravan. DRUGS.

 The most common crime committed this century is taking drugs. Whether it's smoking marijuana or sniffing cocaine, they are all whats called crimes. One of the most known drugs is Marijuana. The more informal names for marijuana are weed, pot, tinnies, herb and grass.  It is one of the gateway drugs and is a must not in all areas of the world.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Storyline Festival Info

Later this week, authors, (Catherine Mayo, Jill Macgregor, Juliette MacIver and Paula Green), will be talking about themselves and their couriers at the Storyline Festival in Manukau. They will also all be talking to us about literature and most probably giving us lectures about writing and what it takes to become an author.

 Juliette MacIver, author from Wellington, attended the Victoria University and got a diploma for english teaching and completed a degree in linguistics. Her writing courier offloaded after writing her first book ‘Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam.’ She has written four books and is now a professional author.

Jill MacGregor born in Dunedin has been a VSA teacher in Tonga and is now a School Journal writer. She has had a lot of experience in the pacific island and she has put her experience into her books.

Catherine Mayo, writter and musician has produce many books just like the other authors. She tends to write books suited for young adults/teens.

Paula Green, is a childrens writer and poet. She has written five collections of poet and was awarded the University of Auckland Fellowship in 2005.

 At the Storyline Festival, I will mostly be looking forward to listening to Catherine Mayo. Just because her books and type of writing looks and sounds like my style of writing.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Astria to Countdown

Today was the last day to finish Astria Countdown to Impact and it was fun. I got to finish finding the info and giving it in to the council. It was hard trying to please them but I got it in the end. We had to choose one source to try and stop the asteroid. I use the solar sail thrust to stop them and I got a score of 75%.

I really enjoyed the game and I would love to play it again some day.

Astria Countdown to Impact: Day Three

This was the last time Ana and I played and we had already found all the clues and right information we needed to hand to the council. We were having a little bit of confusion on what to do next so we didn't really know what to do with the information. I think my partner Ana and I missed a bit of information in the early stages but overall the game was quite good.

  I really enjoyed playing it and I would highly recommend it to others because it is challenging but fun  game at the same time. Unlike most games when you click on a button, it does it itself, you have to do things your way which I think is really cool. All in all the game was good. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact Trial

Today in extension, we had the greatest opportunity to try out a new game called 'Astria Countdown to Impact'. It was created by a man named Stephen Knightly from INGAME. We were trialling the game for people from AUT.

  The game was about you becoming an Alpha Leader and having to build a spaceship to go out and stop an Asteroid that was heading towards planet Astria.

  The game itself was really really cool. I enjoyed everything about it from the characters to the making your own ship and also the little information we had to find. But overall in the whole entire game, I really loved talking to the characters, (even though they had no voice).  Me and my partner pretended to be the other characters and that made me feel like I was in Astria which was pretty cool. The overall game is just amazing.

  It would soo beat the other games we play in class like mathwhizz and cool mathgames. It had some challenges that were really fun and I enjoy it a lot.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Athletes Point of View at The Commonwealth Games

Walking in the stadium, my heart beats out of time. I'm nervous and my stomach twists and turns like a washing machine. Readying myself, I look to the crowd. Botswana supporters yelling and chanting, with their flags chaotically waving in the air.

 With the other runners alongside me, we get ready in our lanes. “READY!!”, I here from a man on the sidetrack. Bending down, I do as he said. My bodies ready, my minds ready, and even my shoes are ready. “SET!!” . My minds racing my body…. Its going to fast for me to concentrate. The man pulls the trigger and the gun goes bang!!. Just like me. Off I was shooting through the track like a bullet from a pistol.

 My legs leap for a fast far start and my legs follow behind each other in a fast and steady pace. I look ahead and see everyone ahead of me. I couldn't believe how useless I was doing. Picking up the pace, and one by one I pass all the runners and get to the front. About twenty metres from the finish line, I sprint faster than ever and beat the world record.

 That was one of the best races in my life. Also one never to forget.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eric Finau

Eric Finau ex Pt.Englander, is competing in the 2014 Glasgow commonwealth games. I have chosen to follow him during the Commonwealth Games 2014. He will be competing in the boxing sport. 

After fighting in china, Finland, Serbia Australia and England, he was then qualified to play in the commonwealth games. Eric has been through a lot to get himself to where he is now. He had to lose 13kgs in 2 weeks to qualify for the games. Because of passion and desire for boxing, Eric put in all the work he possibly could.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Smart Footprint

This is  a little movie my friends and I created about being cyber smart. It teaches kids how to be safe and sensible online in a cool creative way. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 23, 2014

BAR Key House Transformation

These are two houses that were transformed using the BAR key. The BAR key is apart of 20 other thinkers keys. The extension group had to draw a house then rotate around the computers and let others change it using the bar key. B in the bar key stands for bigger to make big or enlarge something. A stands for add and R for Replace. 

This is the original house I created that got transformed to the below picture. 

This is the transformed picture using the BAR keys. The thing somebody made Bigger was the chimney so it could release more smoke and santa could fit. The thing that got added was the colour violet which was the Replaced with the plain bricks because someone thought that the different colours were weird. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Present: Chapter 13 Screenplay

Short land Street Material : The Present Screenplay from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a little screenplay put together by Lisia, Kaycee and I. It is from a chapter in a book we have recently read called "The Present". It is about a girl named Julie and her mother having an argument about Julies dog. The night before this argument happened, Julies dog, (Rudy), bit Julies mother because he thought she was going to hit Julie. Julie gets angry at her mother and runs out after their argument.

Sound Task Presentation

This is a presentation that shows my understanding of my sound.

4 Things to Remember about a Smart Footprint

1. Be careful with what you search. People can always track your IP address, even if you delete your cookies and history.
2. You never know when someone's watching!
3. Be original. Do your own thing.
4. If it's not kind, always keep it in your mind.

Writing Sample Term 2 : The Travelling Whisper

This is a Test Sample Writing, written in 40 minutes. It is about rumours and them spreading around. Its a lesson to be leanrt that spreading rumours are not good.

Two best friends Tisha and Taanie were planning to steal a green ball from school. Their arch enemies Kara and Kisha (also best friends) heard about their plan. And knowing those two, once they hear something, the whole intermediate hears it.

“Hey have you heard about Tisha and Taanie, apparently they’re planning to steal a green ball from school”, whispered Kara. Kisha replied, “ I heard, Jonty was telling the girls and I yesterday”. Ear to ear the whisper travelled, leaving a question in everybody's head, “Is it true?”. Everybody’s ears including the teachers.

 Without realising, Kisha and Kara spread news to the whole intermediate of Pt.London School. What they didn't get was that the news they were spreading wasn't theirs. They started to wonder, how was spreading somebody else's news was benefiting them. Then they realised. It wasn't.

 So determined to stop the whisper from travelling to the principals ears they went and told everyone that the whisper was a lie. It was too late, and straight to the Mr Kurtis they went.

Mr Kurtis (The Principal of St.London School), told the girls that travelling whispers aren't good and should never be sent on a trip. The two girls Kisha and Kara agreed and promised never to send a traveling whisper again.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Scientific Method

This is a presentation that shows my understanding of the scientific method. I hope this explains what the scientific method is.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Case of 300 Girls Abducted

April 15th, President Goodluck Jonathan declared 300 girls abducted by Islamic extremist. Without knowing where they were taken to or whether they will live. Nigeria are trying their best to find the location of where the girls are.

 Within the past 6 weeks, 57 girls freed and there are 276 girls still being held hostage. The media has done a very good job of getting this news out, but although it has become world famous news that didn't prevent some of the girls from dying.

  Not all the girls were found because some of them were killed or died because of, asphyxiation, snake bites, starvation and torture. I feel for those who died and didn't get to say goodbye to their families.

 I think the media's input of the news made a huge effect on the situation. Just the support and care that went towards the 300 girls was a huge help. But although people knew, the popularity of this devastating news didn't help find the girls fast enough.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The differences Between New Zealand And Malawi

This is a presentation that shows the differences between Malawi and New Zealand.


Tyla ANZAC from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a little video that shows everything we have learnt last term. We learnt about our own beliefs and visual mihi then we moved onto learning about war. Watch the video to learn more about have we learnt.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Water Safety Skills

Over the years many children have drowned because they simply didn’t have the skill to swim. Which is why I am going to create an instructional tutorial including some things you will need to know during bad situations in the water.

Tip 1 (Floating) - When in and around water, everyone should or may I say MUST know how to float. The first thing that can help your body float is movement. When in the water, the best movement to use to stay buoyant is the classic doggy paddle. But that can run you low on energy so when you’re in the situation of trying to stay afloat but you are too tired, simply roll onto your back and stick your gluteus maximus as high as can go. That way your body will stay floating and you wont have to worry about drowning.

Tip 2 (Conditions and surroundings) - When swimming in the ocean there will always be the possibility of the weather changing, whirlpools beginning and potentially, shark surroundings. In the happenings of the weather changing, from sunny to stormy, the best thing to do is to evacuate the ocean in case the tide rips you away. And possibly drowns you like a murderer taking a hostage and putting them in a mincer. And second to last but not least, when a whirlpool begins and catches you the worst possible thing to do is to fight it because that will just tire you out and eventually you will drown.So in case of that matter, instead of fighting the whirlpool, you should swim around it and try and find an opening hole to safely swim out of.  

 To finish off this instructional tip advisor, we are going to talk about the situation of a shark surrounding you. First of all DO NOT PANIC. To safely escape the shark, swim away as calm as possible that way the shark will not notice you and you will get out of the beach alive.

This was a little explanation on how to survive in and around water.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Definition of Inference

Inference was a word I wasn't familiar with until now. I now know that Inference means a conclusion summed up by evidence or reasoning. For example, "We were driving down the road and the window wipers were swishing back and forth, almost as fast as the car", so a person can infer from that, that it is rainy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Maths Aim

This term I have learnt a lot of different varieties of maths things. But the one that was quiet difficult for me was consumer maths. The part that got me was the percentages bit. So I am aiming to learn more about percentages to fraction, to help me understand more about consumers maths.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

~ Meaning of Tiaki Taonga ~

This morning we completed a speed writing challenge. We were expected to write a piece of writing in 10 minutes about Tiaki Taonga. Right after we were given 5 minutes to pair share and proof read.
Caring for our school, our people, our most treasured, are all things based under Tiaki Taonga. What else does Tiaki Taonga mean.

 Well we may not see it or hear it but it is literally everywhere. In songs, movies, shops even. Like at KFC you don’t go there and buy a family pack for yourself. No, you go and buy it to share with your family because you care about them. The same situation happens at school.

 We come to school to learn. But how do we learn, we get taught. Taught by the best teachers students could ever have. Our teachers care about us, which is why everyday they put new information into our heads. Not just for fun but to help us in the future. Even famous people care.

Beyonce for instance, she doesn’t make new songs for the sake of it. She makes new songs to entertain us. Without people like Beyonce and MJ, people like Parris Goebel wouldn’t be known.

 So basically we need to care for one another to help each other succeed. Once again, without Beyonce and other famous singers/music makers, those famous dancers like Parris Goebel and Brian Puspos would never had been heard of. Im sure the famous music makers don’t know it but they helped others succeed without even knowing it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Visual Mihi

This is collage of pictures that symbolise my life. The first picture in the top left corner represents my cultures.

  The blue background is there because blue is on the Samoan flag. The same reason why the red is there. Red is also there to stand by the black because those are the Maori colours on the Maori flag along with white. The patterns are mixed samoan/maori patterns because those are my cultures.

  The second symbol is a cross with the word Jesus. Its symbolises who my family believe in. My family and I aren't Christian but we do believe in him.

  The left bottom corner is a heart. Its there to represent that I love everything thats got me to where I am now.

 And last but not least, is a music note. Music is practically my life. From playing music to dancing to it I love it either way. When I grow up, I would like to be a dancer, so I put the note there because to be a dancer you have to have music.

  So theres me summed up in four symbols. Here is a link to flickr to view some of my friends work too.

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Zealand Troop Diary

In extension, we have been researching about the Boer War that took place in South Africa 1899 - 1902. We were assigned to write a diary as if we were in the Boer war. Then we had to create a picture to go with it. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Empathy Explanation

Empathy… something so easy to show but insanely hard to explain. Also easily muddled with sympathy. What does empathy REALLY sound, look and feel like???

    The dictionaries definition doesn't completely define empathy for what it actually is. To me, its to feel for someone and see their dilemma through their eyes. Its all centered around a feeling that leads up to an action.

 Talking to a friend who is feeling grief or depression, is simply just one of the ways of showing empathy.

The sound and feeling of empathy, depends on the situation. For instance, if a friends dog just died, you'd try to relate to their problem by  talking to them. If necessary, you could give them a hug. To me, that characterizes what empathy sounds and feels like.

 Sympathy and empathy are a bit similar but still very different. Stating the differences between the two, as hard as it is, its much easier to show.  

 For example, a friends house got robbed and a friend empathising would say, “Omg, I am so sorry for what happened if there anything I can do come get me”. Where as a friend sympathising would say, “Oh I heard the news, must suck to be you at the moment.”

 I guess the basic explanation is put yourself in their shoes. There is empathy for you.

Tyla Empathy from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My 2014 School Goals

My Personal Goals - 2014  Date : 24/2/14
My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was the FIlmfest movie my friends and I made because although it took about two moths to make it, the finished product would've had to been one of the best movies ever!!

The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom was …  Was kapa haka/te reo because I really got to learn more about the maori culture and I think I'm able to speak more te reo than I ever have.

In reading my learning goal is to …. Excel my reading age

To achieve this goal I need to …. READ READ READ!!

In writing  my goal is to practice the way I use my vocab and how I put my sentences together.

To achieve this goal I need to again READ READ READ!!!

In Maths my goal is to… Improve not just by one year but hopefully by two and a half

The learning area I think I need to improve in most is … Maths and Writing

My goal for this year around the classroom is to (behavior/self management), not get sidetracked by my friends and finish work on time.

My goal for this year around the school is to … be a not good but great prefect and role model in the school, and to try and help more around school with dancing and performing.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Akoranga Maurakau Tuatahi (My First Maurakau Lesson)

The new year for kapa haka at school started today. Teaching the year 7&8s , are Mr G, and Miss Tito. Mr G, is kindly giving up more of his time to teach maurakau at school. This is a little video of what we learnt today, at my first maurakau class. Its a little shabby but at the end of the term I'm going to upload another video to show how much I've improved. Hope you enjoy :)

Tylas First Maurakau from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

UNICORNS ARE REAL (My edited writing sample)

Unicorns are mostly known to people as made up creatures. But to me they are as real as Barack Obama. Even the way they live is freakishly the same way as him. I have researched many things about unicorns and have put all my findings on a doc that shows that they are real.

 The first unicorn in history, lived on an unknown island 60,000, miles north of Rangitoto, Auckland, New Zealand. Unicorns were created by the love making of a deformed pony with a cone on his head and a horse. When the horse gave birth, its baby came out with a cone on his head. The name unicorn wasn't the creatures original name though. It was Unicone because of the one cone he was born with.

 He lived on that island for soo many years, getting called ugly, deformed and dorky so he had to leave. The unicorn flew to Glen Innes in Auckland on his eagle friend. This was in 1998. Since he was living in a new place, the unicorn had to change his diet.

 Breakfast and lunch was chicken and chips from My Bakery, and dinner was just the usual fish and chips from Marsics with a little bit of lollies. You would imagine that the unicorn would've been fat. Instead of exercising to burn everything off, the creature burped rainbows and farted skittles. That's the unicorns form of exercise.

 The unicorn species have increased over the years. In 2014, there have been 2654 more unicorns made since 2001. So thanks to the one unicorn that found a good horse friend, and enlarged his species of animals.

I have come to a conclusion, that they are real based on the information I have gathered. I would one day love to see one of these Unicorns to prove the world that they’re wrong about them. So this is it my story to prove that Unicorns are real.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day One Of School...

Eager to start school, I prepared myself, feeling nervous. The new year of school was almost about to start, and the nerves were getting to me. Prefect, Yr8, role model... I was so worried that I wouldn’t be up to the expectations.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Trumpet Dance

Tylas Trumpet Dance from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
I was bored out of my mind watching videos, when I stumbled upon a creative and cool movie. It was the trumpet dance. Three guys were in a car and dancing along to Trumpets by Jason Derulo. The video inspired me create my own video. So here it is. Enjoy

Friday, January 17, 2014