Friday, February 14, 2014

UNICORNS ARE REAL (My edited writing sample)

Unicorns are mostly known to people as made up creatures. But to me they are as real as Barack Obama. Even the way they live is freakishly the same way as him. I have researched many things about unicorns and have put all my findings on a doc that shows that they are real.

 The first unicorn in history, lived on an unknown island 60,000, miles north of Rangitoto, Auckland, New Zealand. Unicorns were created by the love making of a deformed pony with a cone on his head and a horse. When the horse gave birth, its baby came out with a cone on his head. The name unicorn wasn't the creatures original name though. It was Unicone because of the one cone he was born with.

 He lived on that island for soo many years, getting called ugly, deformed and dorky so he had to leave. The unicorn flew to Glen Innes in Auckland on his eagle friend. This was in 1998. Since he was living in a new place, the unicorn had to change his diet.

 Breakfast and lunch was chicken and chips from My Bakery, and dinner was just the usual fish and chips from Marsics with a little bit of lollies. You would imagine that the unicorn would've been fat. Instead of exercising to burn everything off, the creature burped rainbows and farted skittles. That's the unicorns form of exercise.

 The unicorn species have increased over the years. In 2014, there have been 2654 more unicorns made since 2001. So thanks to the one unicorn that found a good horse friend, and enlarged his species of animals.

I have come to a conclusion, that they are real based on the information I have gathered. I would one day love to see one of these Unicorns to prove the world that they’re wrong about them. So this is it my story to prove that Unicorns are real.

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