Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Tours: Reflection

What a week I had last week, traveling out to Manukau to listen to authors speak at the Storyline Tours. There were four authors, but out off all of them, my favourite authors were, Juliette McIver and Paula Green. I enjoyed these two because of their interaction with the audience.

  The way they presented themselves on stage was funny, creative and enjoyable. Their story telling was what I enjoyed the most.

  The two authors gave good advice and criticism on how to become an amazing writer. I wouldn't say they gave me inspiration to become an author but they gave me inspiration to write in my own style of writing.

  What I would've done different though was either make a song with my story or act out a story. I reckon that would've made it really fun and interesting. Thats what made last years Storyline tour interesting.

  Overall, I really enjoyed all of the authors and the way they told us their stories. A note to the authors would be  keep doing what your doing, because what your doing is great.

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