Monday, September 15, 2014


Me. A girl of leadership, honesty, many talents and much happiness. All of what I have learnt at Pt.England School. Soon, I will be leaving Pt.England for secondary school, which I am very afraid of. Although I've learnt alot at my school, I still feel there is much more I need to learn before I take off.

  Secondary school seems so BIG. The learning, students, subject, all seem big. I cant get over the thought that in 15 weeks, I will be finished intermediate and off to college. Choosing ONE college of many was probably one of the most frustrating and challenging decisions ever.

  I had to think about what I would want to determine and what school would help me do that. Performing Arts is what I desire, so that would've had to be first on the 'This school needs' list. There was a variety of schools to choose from, and for a couple of weeks, I was having trouble choosing between two schools. Selwyn College, (Which my brother goes to), and Auckland Girls Grammar School.

  Selwyn College had all of what I wanted in a school, and I new quite a lot of students from that school. But AGGS, (Auckland Girls Grammar School), had all of what I wanted in a school, plus a maori unit. A maori unit is like a mentor class but instead of learning everything mainstream, you learn i te reo maori. Meaning if I go there, I will most probably be getting taught in maori instead of english, along side the normal subjects taken in college.

  As I am so passionate about my culture and eager to learn more about it, I decided to apply for AGGS. I still have to go in for my interview, which will happen tomorrow. As nervous as always, I feel like if I be me and relax, I will get it. Fingers crossed for me.... :D


  1. You'll smash it Tyla! Although.... if you don't, maybe you can stay at PES for another year.
    We'll certainly miss you heaps, but trust that you've grown in to a remarkable young lady all ready to tackle the big wide world. It won't be that scary - trust me.

  2. Yes you're right, just relax and be yourself and they will love you! You've certainly put a great deal of thought into your choice. Will look forward to hearing how it goes - gosh there's alot left to do in a short time Tyla.! Hurry back :)


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