Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Walking to the starting line, I felt nervous and worried. Not quite sure why, but I was. Feeling frustrated, I start to think, “Have I practise hard enough for this?”. GO!!, and my feet  run away from the start line. “Lets just jog and preserve our energy”, my friends and i agreed.

 While I was running, I could tell I was really unfit. As hopeful as I was, I said to my friend, “Lets try and jog the whole way aye”. My calf muscles were tightening and I started yelling in pain!

 Teary eyed, I kept going with my head held high. In sight, I see Mrs Nua and my friend Mele walking back. “Tyla are you alright?”, Mrs nua asked. I replied faintly with a yes hoping she wouldn’t see my tears. Both Mrs Nua and Mele keep walking while my friend Lisia and I finish the lap.

 It had to be the most annoying cross country ever. Only because my muscles were playing up.

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  1. Good job Tyla, you have used a variety of sentence types and used dependent clauses to make some of those sentences more complex. Well done. Remember to proof read carefully before you post.


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