Tuesday, April 1, 2014

~ Meaning of Tiaki Taonga ~

This morning we completed a speed writing challenge. We were expected to write a piece of writing in 10 minutes about Tiaki Taonga. Right after we were given 5 minutes to pair share and proof read.
Caring for our school, our people, our most treasured, are all things based under Tiaki Taonga. What else does Tiaki Taonga mean.

 Well we may not see it or hear it but it is literally everywhere. In songs, movies, shops even. Like at KFC you don’t go there and buy a family pack for yourself. No, you go and buy it to share with your family because you care about them. The same situation happens at school.

 We come to school to learn. But how do we learn, we get taught. Taught by the best teachers students could ever have. Our teachers care about us, which is why everyday they put new information into our heads. Not just for fun but to help us in the future. Even famous people care.

Beyonce for instance, she doesn’t make new songs for the sake of it. She makes new songs to entertain us. Without people like Beyonce and MJ, people like Parris Goebel wouldn’t be known.

 So basically we need to care for one another to help each other succeed. Once again, without Beyonce and other famous singers/music makers, those famous dancers like Parris Goebel and Brian Puspos would never had been heard of. Im sure the famous music makers don’t know it but they helped others succeed without even knowing it.

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  1. Hey Tyla-Marie,

    You've made it really easy to understand the meaning of Tiaki Taonga, caring for others isnt always easy but it is always rewarding.

    When you're writing try not to repeat yourself if it's not necessary so you can spend that time filling in more details or tidying up anything else you might want to make clearer.

    Great work, Keep writing :)

    Mr. Hutchings.


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