Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Case of 300 Girls Abducted

April 15th, President Goodluck Jonathan declared 300 girls abducted by Islamic extremist. Without knowing where they were taken to or whether they will live. Nigeria are trying their best to find the location of where the girls are.

 Within the past 6 weeks, 57 girls freed and there are 276 girls still being held hostage. The media has done a very good job of getting this news out, but although it has become world famous news that didn't prevent some of the girls from dying.

  Not all the girls were found because some of them were killed or died because of, asphyxiation, snake bites, starvation and torture. I feel for those who died and didn't get to say goodbye to their families.

 I think the media's input of the news made a huge effect on the situation. Just the support and care that went towards the 300 girls was a huge help. But although people knew, the popularity of this devastating news didn't help find the girls fast enough.

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