Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Sample Term 2 : The Travelling Whisper

This is a Test Sample Writing, written in 40 minutes. It is about rumours and them spreading around. Its a lesson to be leanrt that spreading rumours are not good.

Two best friends Tisha and Taanie were planning to steal a green ball from school. Their arch enemies Kara and Kisha (also best friends) heard about their plan. And knowing those two, once they hear something, the whole intermediate hears it.

“Hey have you heard about Tisha and Taanie, apparently they’re planning to steal a green ball from school”, whispered Kara. Kisha replied, “ I heard, Jonty was telling the girls and I yesterday”. Ear to ear the whisper travelled, leaving a question in everybody's head, “Is it true?”. Everybody’s ears including the teachers.

 Without realising, Kisha and Kara spread news to the whole intermediate of Pt.London School. What they didn't get was that the news they were spreading wasn't theirs. They started to wonder, how was spreading somebody else's news was benefiting them. Then they realised. It wasn't.

 So determined to stop the whisper from travelling to the principals ears they went and told everyone that the whisper was a lie. It was too late, and straight to the Mr Kurtis they went.

Mr Kurtis (The Principal of St.London School), told the girls that travelling whispers aren't good and should never be sent on a trip. The two girls Kisha and Kara agreed and promised never to send a traveling whisper again.

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