Monday, March 21, 2011

My Picnic

Excitedly waiting in the hall chatting to my friends about the picnic got me into trouble.The picnic is when he whole school goes down to Point.England reserve and have plenty of fun stuff like Playing on the beach,having sack race's,dance or even just relax.

While traveling over ,me an d my two friends lost our teacher.Luckily my friends dad was there.When we got there nearly everyone sat down and started eating.It looked like everyone was really starving.My friends said,"lets go and walk around."

Later on in the day the girls and the boys had a competition at sack racing.I was getting board so I started to dance.Everyone saw me so they started to dance as well.Boys were getting jealous so they had a dance battle with us.I reckon that only me and rocky were going hard out.

"Y.M.C.A.",people were singing.I heard so I started to dance again.Teachers were filming me so I stopped.

"Lets go calm down now",My friend said."karaoke's on", my friend said so we watched a little bit.By the time we left it was finished.Lucky,we left at the right time.

"Back to school",I sighed.Everyone looked like they could hardly stand on there feet.The next day I couldn't.

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  1. hi Tyla its me raeleeen i like your pinic story


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