Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Invented Chewing-Gum?

Have you ever wondered who invented chewing-gum?
Well a man called Adam smith was working with rubber in his factory. He had a little lump of chicle.Chicle comes from the sap of a rubbery gum tree. He decided to pop it in his mouth.He chewed it and chewed it but it still stayed

Suddenly Adam came up with a bright idea to heat it up and add a mint flavor to it. He called it chewing gum.

In 1872,he started to sell it in a small factory.He tried to get shop keepers to sell it but they refused.Since they didn't sell it, a company called Tuttie Fruity sold it in slot machines.You can now buy it at rail ways.

Thats who made chewing gum and how it was invented.

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