Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As usual we had an immersion assembly to start the term off.  The only thing different was the topic.  This term the topic was OUTTA THIS WORLD. That's meant to mean OUTTA SPACE.  Looking around it didn’t look like it was. I was puzzled. To me the teachers looked like  ballet dancers and robots.

   To start the assembly off Mr Burt (our principal) told us a story about Maui and the sun. After, he announced, “ Lets give a round of applause for team 1!!!”

  Team 1’s item was a movie about them finding the sun, (just like the story Mr Burt told us.)  Watching the start I didn’t really get it. But I then realised when it got to the end. I’m not a fast thinker these days.  Over all it was a pretty funny movie.

My favourite team though was team 3. They also had a movie. Before the movie Mrs Barks showed the little kids what gravity is. She explained how there’s a force that pulls us to the ground. I reckon that the little kids were kind of confused. Finally it got to the end of her talking.

   In the movie, fascinating facts about astronauts were explained to us about how they eat and go to the toilet in space. Astronauts use a thing called Velcro so that there food doesn’t float around. Velcro helps things stick to the astronaut suit. The disgusting part was a man explaining how they toilet. Would you want to know how astronauts go toilet? I didn’t think so.

Full of disappointment, it all came to an end. I really think that this term is going to be awesome Time to start off the term with an awesome day.

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