Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Megahealthfoodeleporter 2000

The world is under a blanket of pollution. This is no place for me to be staying and I need to go to another planet. I shall go to mars. Mars has similarities to earth and I could live on it. But not for a very long time.

On mars there is no food which is why I have invented an invention.It is called the Megahealthfoodeleporter 10,000.  My invention would teleport  food from earth to mars. It would cut, clean and cook the food so that all I have to do is eat. But what if earth runs out of food? That is when the scrapfoodmakeanator comes in. It turns all of my scraps into food. That way I will never go hungry. I wish that mars was like earth where you can just go to the dairy up the road.

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