Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where The Rugby Ball Originally Came From

Have you ever wondered where a rugby-ball originally came from? Well its a pretty disgusting story. A rugby ball originally came from a pigs bladder.A.K.A WHERE PIGS PEE FROM.

How do they use a pigs bladder as a rugby ball your asking. Well, people in the 1800’s use to cut it, out wash it, then blow it up. The disgusting was that they blew it up with their mouths. Is that yuk or what. That is like so unhygienic.

sometimes they blew it up with a smoking pipe. That way they didn’t have to put their mouths on that really unhygienic thing.

Today we don’t use those disgusting things,we use man made rubber. At least its hygienic not like the 1800’s balls.

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