Monday, August 29, 2011

The Year 6 Girls and Tyla

For the past week, our extension group has been looking at water around the world. When I say around the world I mean East Timor and Africa. We created a movie of what goes on in your body. We learnt about what happens to a healthy body and an unhealthy body.

The group I was in was with Litia, Brooklyn, Vivienne, Chante and me. We made this little movie so we know what happens with your digestive system.

If I was to rate our group out of 10 I would give us an 8. I give us an 8 because it wasn't perfect but it was pretty good and had a little humor in it. What would you give us?

The bit of the movie is not a very nice looking part but I was cool with it. Even though I had to to the person going to the toilet I still enjoyed creating it.

So sit back relax and enjoy!!!


  1. Wow Tyla
    I really learnt heaps were my food goes after I put it in my mouth.I Didn't know so much about that until now.
    From Jorja

  2. Hi Tyla,

    I really enjoyed making that movie too. Great animation! Very funny is well! Good sounds too from you know where! Anyway great movie about the digestive system. We never got round to doing the unhealthy body!


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