Friday, April 8, 2011

Skating At Skateland

Entering the skating rink I was kind of nervous because I haven’t skated in like three years!! As I stepped into the rink it felt like I was going to slip because the floor was too smooth. “I’m a bird”,I kept on saying to myself.

”Whooooa!!!” Who was that? UILI!!!!!”I yelled while all most falling over. Gliding around the rink I saw my uncle Myke. Swerving quickly to help other people, he made me scared because I thought he would fall on me. I’m not joking about that.

I fell on one elbow and was screaming in pain. You couldn't see any tears coming out of my eyes although it was really saw. Moving unsteadily, I pulled my self off the ground and slowly clutched on to the side of the rink. Resting on the seats,I looked at my elbow. All I could see was a big bump.

“If you want to race,come line up”,I heard the man say.Not caring about my elbow I clipped my skates back up and rolled over to the racing line.Lining up my elbow was more sore than before. That didn’t bother me.”On your marks get set and go!!!whoahh”I was coming last but then I caught up to Jonita she fell over . Now I’m past Jaylee . I’m coming 3rd place, thats only because the rest of the girls fell.

I decided to stay in the rink.”wow I’m going really fast”(NOT EVEN) “you got 20 more minutes girls so make the most of”said Mr Marks.By the time we left my elbow was a little better .

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  1. Hi Tyla
    I really enjoyed your story about Skateland.When I went there I didn't like Gabrielle.I had so much fun and it sounded like you did to.

    From Kaycee


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