Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic

Would you ever guess who the coolest principal in G.I. is? Well Mr Burt is because he was cool enough to take 600 CHILDREN to the beach. Well on Friday, the whole of Pt.England school went to the reserve for a picnic. Finding a spot at the beach, we set up our mat, dumped our bags and ran off.

“Hey Porscha, wanna get covered in sand?”, we called as we were on the beach.  “Ya” she called back. So we did. We covered her in sand and then made a mermaid tail at the bottom of her legs. Mrs Squires came over and said, “ Hey girls, who are you covering?” “Porscha” we answered.

    Mrs squires recomended us to take a picture. As we went to get a camera Porscha was not paying attention. Quickly we took off her hat, called her name then said cheese and the picture was taken. Straight away Porscha knew what we were doing so she tried to jump out. Quick take another. ‘click’ and the camera caught her.

     After covering Porscha, Neo came over and asked me to show him how to make a clay ball.Finishing off the clay ball, we had a competition to see who could throw the furthest. So as we threw them, plop the went as they hit the water.

    Eventually it came to the end and we had to go back to school and relax in class.

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