Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun in Whakatane

I am having sooooooo much FUN down here in Whakatane with my family. Today my aunty and uncle took us for a tour around town.

     One of the favourite places we went to was the water fall. Not far from the water fall was a cave that maori people could live in. At the water fall my cousin, brother, aunty, mum and I climbed the rocks to get a better view of the water. I slowly dipped my feet in and straight away I pulled them out as fast as I could because it was freezing cold.  My mum found a rock that people oin  the olden days would of used as knives. When I mean olden days, I mean A.D.

Well after that we went to a beach in Ohope bay. The water there was so warm that you could have a nice bath in it. After we went to beach we went to the river just up the road from my aunty and uncles house. I was suprised because the river water was really clean. You would think it taste like sea water but it just taste like normal water kind of. Any way, one more day to go and maybe tomorrow will be even funner than today. 

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  1. Hey Tyla,

    I really enjoyed reading you writing. Maybe next time you can proof read because you spelled in wrong. I am really looking froward to reading your next post!

    Sincerely Love From Asena!


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