Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cloud Animals - March 2010

I'll never forget when Mrs. Barks said that we were just going to lie outside on the field and listen to the nature around us. First when I laid down and put my legs on the ground, I quickly lifted them up because the grass was tickling my legs and felt prickly. Then I slowly got used to it. I could hear a cicada clicking like a clock, a lawn mower, and birds cheerfully chirping, while the sun was beating down on me. Mrs. Barks told us to look up at the sky and see if we could see any billowy clouds up above. And yes I could. I could see a dinosaur, an elephant, a puppy, and a little bunny. As I was staring at the bunny, it was moving like the whole world was in slow motion. When I finished looking up at the cloud animals, Mrs. Barks told us to move in the shade. As I laid down and was listening, I could hear the wind making a whistling noide as if there was a ghost in the air. When I looked up, the branches were swaying side to side as if they were dancing.

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