Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What are frogs? Well frogs are amphibians. If you don’t know what amphibians mean then let me explain it. Amphibians are animals that live on both land and water.

The life cycle of a frog goes a tadpole to a froglet then of course a frog. When they are born most frog parents leave their precious babies alone. Growing up as a frog is kind of scary because you never know when another will eat you. Luckily not all of them do that.

When frogs are little(tadpoles), they are herbivores. But, the unusual thing is when they grow up they are carnivores. I think the reason is because when they are little, of course they won’t be able to eat or swallow things bigger than themselves. Did you know that frogs use their eyes to help them swallow their food? Its weird but true.

Frogs don’t only breath through their nostrils but they also absorb half the air the body needs. The skin is also used to drain water into its skin to make sure the body doesn’t
dry out. Skin. The frog's skin(some of them) is useful for confusing predators and making it look like they’re not there.I wish we had skin like that so when we play hide and go seek they won’t find us.

Some frogs are poisonous. You can tell because they have an unusual coloured type of skin. As I said before these are the clever frogs that can sometimes be camouflaged. If you think about it, wouldn't the predator recognize because they can see their eyes. Anyway that's a pretty clever way to not getting eaten by your predator.

Different frog species make different sounds. Some of them croak, whistle, grunt, and some of them go ‘Ribbit Ribbit’. All in all, these are some very odd but interesting facts about one weird creature. The Frog.

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