Monday, July 23, 2012


It is not very often that bees attack. They only sting if they are getting provoked. For bees as a rule they only sting if getting killed. When they are alarmed their natured weapons get put to use as self defence. But once they sting they sadly die.

On the bottom of the bee's stinger is a fine sharp barbed tube. Which is where a drop of poison is injected into the human body. It is only the worker bee that stings.

We often hear people stating that bees can only sting once then die. Well what generally happens is when the person is stung, they instantly knock the offending bee away which causes it bad injuries. Once knocked,  the bee is torn away from its stinger and dies.

A true fact is that bees can sting as often as we allow it as long as we don’t tear it from away its stinger.

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