Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A 'Lollipop Moment'

 What is a ‘Lollipop moment’. Well these moments are when you make an impact in somebodies life,(big or small), by doing a kind thing to make them happier. A way you could create a lollipop moment, is by doing little things to make life easier or happier for others. Sometimes this may lead to leadership.

 Not leadership, as in being in charge of everyone, but just by being a leader for someone special. Like an idol. From being a leader you have power.

Power is talent, power is kindness. These are the different powers we have. But I reckon the most important one is kindness. These powers are what make leaders and leaders make ‘Lollipop Moments.’

Watch this video as this man tells a story of one of his lollipop moments. Hope you enjoy!

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