Monday, May 21, 2012

Starry Starry Night Critique

   Starry Starry Night is a painting painted in 1889. Vincent Van Gogh was the man who painted it. This Glistening glorious Starry Starry Night is a very very well known painting. Starry Starry Night was the size of 73 x 92 centimeters. Just like the painting Sunflowers.

Staring into Starry Starry Night, the bright yellow stars stand out from the blue sky. Coming out from the side of the painting is a swirl that trails through stars. The foreground is a cypress tree that looks like a humongous dark flame rising to the stars of hope.

   The horizon is blue and purple, with a glint of yellow where the sun is setting. This sunset separates the sky from the gloomy village. Calm and gloomy is the feeling of the village. The peaceful village is contrast to the bright joyful sky.

Little tiny houses with lights shining out of the windows make the houses look warm and comfortable. The village is gloomy and peaceful.

With the little calm village awaiting under the bright joyful sky is what makes this painting wonderful. Starry Starry Night.

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