Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunflowers By Vincent Van Gogh

This extremely,valuable painting painted by Vincent Van Gogh, is so famous people in our days would buy it for more than $40 Million. ‘Sunflowers’ is the name. It was quite a  big painting, at the size of 73 x 92 cm, now that’s big. The other characteristic was its medium. He had used expensive oil paints to paint it. Vincent painted ‘Sunflowers’ in the year 1888, 2 years before his death.

 The texture of this painting was often very thick. To describe the feel, it would feel as if you were running your hand over pebbles. He used up  so much paint, that he didn’t have enough money to buy any food for himself.

  Van Gogh never often used straight lines for this piece art. They were more curvy and squiggly like. Loose and free is kind of what the flowers tend to be. I reckon he painted like that to make it more realistic.

  The colour of the painting is bright and sunny. All the colours make me feel happy and relaxed. Bright and unique colours really make good effect to  the painting.  He may have been in a very good mood, for a depressed man like him.

  If you look at it a certain way, it kind of looks like its slightly moving. I sometimes forget that it's just a painting instead of a moving object. It’s quite unique that he used that kind of technique to make the painting look as if its swishing side to side. I find the painting very fascinating and beautiful.

    Van Gogh painted the Sunflowers as a decoration for his flatmate’s room. Paul Gauguin (Van Goghs flatmate) had no idea that Van Gogh was doing this for him. Now I get why he used bright sunny colours. If you look closely, you can see that he drew the flowers dying and healthy.

 I think he was in a really good mood while painting this desired piece of art. Although, he may have been very hungry at the time of this painting. Its sad that he never got to know how good his paintings really were.

Look at the third paragraph and see if this check list suits it.

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