Monday, September 10, 2012

Making my First set of Pois

Under two over one, went the strings of my first pois. My friend and I were making our first pois at my house. Its a tradition that when you make your first set, you give them away.

Preparing the them was easy but the thing I felt the most hardest, was making the handles. The handles are two, four plaited strands about the width of your finger and the length of your arm. Finally after plating, we had a break and played a little game of rugby with our little brothers.

“Azonto azonto azonto, now watch me do my azonto”, I sang and did my victory  dance to as I scored a try. It was now a tie, if we score the next try we win and the chores are theirs. Sliding down our front lawn, John-Amour, (My little brother), stepped me. But did he score the last score? No we did. Oh were we soo happy.

Around 6 o’clock, Kaycee and I finally finished our pois. “ I thought we’d never finish” she sighed. We were so relieved. Until my mum reminded us something. After all that afternoon, we made our first, (and what we think the best), set of pois and we have to give them away.

If only I made my first set faster so I could play with my second set sooner and for longer . No worries though, Kaycee and I had all day tomorrow.


  1. Anita - Manaiakalani Education TrustSeptember 11, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    Hey Tyla-Marie - I enjoyed reading about your poi making day. Did you get a picture of your pois?

    1. Yes I just have to put it in my Netbook and upload it. Thanks for the comment.


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